Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shoes & Feet

Korben's giant feet (see the eczema spots on it?) and his new shoes that fit!


Pictures taken of Korben on 07/30/08

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Well Korben is 18 months old now, that is just crazy to me. He is growing up way too fast. :(

Monday he had his 18 month check up. He grew 2 1/2 inches in 3 months so he is now 32 1/2 inches tall. He is in the 75 percentile and the pediatrician said he is going to grow up to be very tall. He only gained one pound in 3 months so he is now 25 lbs and in the 25 percentile. Dr. said not to worry about that since he is growing and he does eat 3 meals a day plus snacks & milk. I guess it is because he is SO active.

He does eat very good though, I swear he eats like an adult! Every morning he has a whole banana & a whole piece of toast with fruit (baby food) spread on it, with V8 fruit & veggie juice. Then for lunch he has sliced apples and veggie patties which have beans, rice and all kinds of vegetables in them. He also likes burritos or grilled cheese but right now his favorite thing is the veggie patties. For dinner he has a little bit of whatever we are having. We still keep him away from sugar & junk food. If we are eating it in front of him and he 'asks' for a bite then we don't deny it but it is not an everyday food for him. I think it is working pretty good & it is funny when he is given sugar food because he makes the funniest faces. A couple of weeks ago my mom babysat him while we went to the movies and they ate fast food. I told mom to just get him a kids cheeseburger with nothing else on it. So she did but she gave him some of her fries, (he likes them but they are not his favorite thing sometimes he won't even eat them) and the fry she gave him had ketchup on it. We had never given him ketchup before because it has alot of sugar in it. Mom said he licked off the ketchup, made a funny face & threw the fry like it was poison. She said it was so funny, she tried it again & the same thing happened. Then she gave him a fry without ketchup & he ate it. On days like that it makes me feel like we are doing the right thing by limiting his sugar. I don't want him to grow up addicted to sugar like me & I don't want him to be diabetic like me.

Anyway back to his appointment. The dr. was looking at Korb's eczema on his feet (it is the worst there but he also has it on his arms and every once in a while across his back) she decided to give us a prescription for a steroid cream to be used for a week once a month. We have switched to sensitive skin wipes, baby laundry det., special lotion & baby wash for the last 6 months and it has not gotten any better. Turns out that I have it too, I only get it on my arms though. My mom said that I got it when I had the rash like Korben when I was a baby but she thought it was heat rash. So unfortunately he has got my skin. I am glad we did find a sunscreen that he is not allergic to. I thought since it worked on him it would work on me - wrong! We went to the zoo & I just put it on my face & my whole face broke out in hives. Which is why I never wear sunscreen & I always get burnt.

As the dr. was looking at Korb's feet she noticed how wide they are. He has got giant feet! I told her how shoes have been a real issue for us. He hasn't been able to fit properly in any shoe & he walks funny in them all. They hurt is feet & he pulls them off. So she told me to not even buy anymore regular shoes because it will affect his feet & his walking. She told me to look for Wide width, I have never even seen wide width shoes for toddlers & kids. She recommended Stride Rite shoes & said they are pricey so find them used as long as they have good soles still on them. When I got home I looked at their website, $32 for the cheapest sandals!!!! $55 for a pair of tennis shoes!!! And he will outgrow them in a month or so. The next day I went to our local baby & kid consignment store & I found 2 pairs of Stride Rite sandals in his size (found out he actually needs the Extra Wide Width ones - XW) one pair was leather & the other pair is brand new! So I bought him those 2 pairs plus a new pair of slippers (Thomas the Train) as his other ones were way too small & he was still making me put them on him everyday. I also bought him a toy clock since he goes around saying "clock" all day, everyday & points at every clock he sees. Also I got him another bath book, his Grandma S. bought him some Disney bath books and those are his new favorite books, they are perfect for his teething. He carries them with him all day long. Anyway so 3 pairs of shoes, a toy & a book cost me $24 and on top of that I had a $5 off coupon for that store so I got it all for $19, woo hoo! Less than the cost of one of those pairs of shoes brand new. Later that evening we went to Wal-Mart to drop off Korben's prescription and Brent & I could already tell a HUGE difference in Korben's walking he was going as fast as he does barefoot. So I am happy that I was able to find those shoes for him cheap. I also just won another pair in the next size up on eBay for .99 cents $4.50 shipping so that is a good deal too.

The doctor was also very pleased that Korben has been off the bottle since he was 9 months old, the pacifer since he was 4 months old and sleeps in his own bed. She said that if we were just now trying to work on those things then we would have huge battles on our hands. Which is exactly why I did all that stuff sooner because I know that the longer you wait the harder it gets to break the habits.

Well I had better wrap this up, it only took me two days to type this one out while Korben was taking a nap. :) Until next time.