Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well we hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day! We sure did! Brent & I had plans on going to the new Cheddar's for a Valentine's lunch. My mom & Larry knew we were going & gave Brent a gift card to Cheddar's for hooking up their surround sound & helping them hook up their dvd burner & showing them how to use it. So that worked out nicely for us. We were so excited that we got a Cheddar's in Norman, it was one of our favorite places to eat when we lived in Plano.
Brent surprised me & got me a book I wanted & the collectors edition of my new favorite book -Twilight. If you read I highly recommend the series, right now there are 4 books out. I was staying up until 2 & 3 in the morning reading them! If you don't read make sure to watch the movie - at least I am hoping it is as good as the book - it comes out on DVD towards the end of March. It is about vampires but don't let that stop you, I am not into vampires & all that at all & I LOVED these books, it is really more of a unique love story. Anyway I borrowed the books from my mom so I don't own them. I have been trying to get them from my book swapping site but so many people are wanting them they are extremely hard to get. Usually I don't reread books so after I am done with the book I trade it. I only have two books that I have always kept & one of them I have reread about 3 times, the other one I have only read once but I do plan on reading it again. Anyway that says alot about these books that I want to not only own them but reread them again. Sorry for going on about this, I could talk about Twilight for days - just ask Brent! ha -ha! So let's just say it was a very good Valentine's present for me!

On Sunday we had somebody coming to look at our TV. We were selling ours since we got Keith's. Brent promised me if I let him have Keith's TV & we sold ours I could take the money & buy a new couch. Ours hurts my back really badly. It is really comfy for naps but not for just sitting. In the meantime for months now I have been looking on Craigslist every day to find a good deal on a couch. I knew I wanted a microfiber one as that is what my mom's recliners are made from & I love them. They are soft & clean up very well. So on Sunday I came across the best deal ever, somebody was moving & needed their couch gone that day. They said it was only used in their formal living room & mostly the cats just sat on it and the microfiber was too much of a pain to keep cleaning everyday because the cat hair stuck to it. I called my dad & he came to pick me up & we drove to the north side of OKC to go & get it. So it came with LOTS & LOTS of cat fur & took me 4 hours to clean it all up. I vacuumed & then steam cleaned every single spot on the couch. Brent ended up doing the cushions for me as I was so exhausted & had pulled my shoulder out of place cleaning it. But I had to get every single piece of cat hair off of it since I am allergic. I swelled up so bad & my face broke out in hives & I itched like crazy until I got it all clean but it was worth it for only spending $50.00!!!! You can see from the pictures it was an EXCELLENT deal! Brent & I are very happy with it.

We did end up selling our TV but they didn't come to get it until yesterday. Brent brought home fast food for dinner since our water was turned off because we got a new water heater!!!! YEA!! No more fast showers & having to keep turning down the cold water. We have got great landlords! After we ate I headed to Wal-Mart to pick up the other cloth diapers I had ordered for Korben, I had them shipped to the store so I didn't have to pay for shipping. While I was there Brent said I could buy a few things for the house since I didn't spend that much on the couch. I got a rug that matches the new couch - we had a blue rug in the living room. I got a couple of throw pillows that were marked down half price. I got a blender since ours broke when we lived in TX and we hadn't replaced it yet & I have been wanting to make homemade salsa & breadcrumbs. The blender was on clearance too, $10 off! Then I sale that they had the towels on clearance too & I found purple ones, so I got light purple & dark purple! Brent & I have not bought new towels since we first got together almost 10 years ago & most of our towels we hand me downs from Brent's mom when he moved into the dorm. I had forgotten that towels were supposed to be absorbent! I almost bought some luggage too as we only have one big suitcase & always have to borrow my mom's big suitcase but the one that was on clearance was only a med. size bag but it was such a good deal ($50 marked down to $15) I almost bought it. I looked to see if any of their large bags were marked down but they weren't. You would think that store is going out of business because almost everywhere I looked everything was on clearance. When we went grocery shopping there last week I bought a big toy police car set. It was $25 marked down to $5.00, I got it for my nephew Ryan. I put away & will give that to him for his birthday in May. I thought about getting one for Korben but it has tons of little people & parts & it was for ages 5+ and I really didn't want to store it that long.

Anyway I had fun, I had a little shopping spree I don't think I have done that since I was single. I don't usually like spending money on myself & I really hate paying full price for anything. I also would rather buy some items used as it is usually cheaper but more importantly it is better for the environment. I had also bought some Valentine's Day stuff that was supposed to be marked down but when I got home I checked my receipt cause I thought it was a little higher than I calculated & sure enough I got charged full price for all the Valentine stuff. So I am going to take that back tonight & I think I am going to buy some new pots & pans. I was going to get them last night but I felt like I had gotten too much stuff already. After talking with Brent he agreed that we need them, we bought them when we moved in together & some of my pots are from when I first moved out with a friend when I was 18! It is pretty bad when all the non stick coating stuff is almost off of it.
Anyway we have been having MAJOR issues with Korben keeping his clothes on at nap & bedtime. Today he actually started taking off his clothes during the day. He has been taking off his clothes & peeing all over his bed. At first he couldn't figure out how to get off his cloth diapers but now he has figured that out as well. We have been having to change his sheets at least twice a day. We are so far behind on laundry now because we still have the little bitty washer & dryer, hopefully in the next couple of years we will be able to afford new ones. Today I put him in overalls & just a little bit ago while I was typing this I heard him whining & I went to check on him & sure enough he was trying to take off his shirt but he couldn't get it off because of the overalls & he was stuck. I ran & got the camera & took some pics & a video clip.
Korben is starting to say 3 word sentences, like he will say "up, please, okay" or "open please, okay" he always says okay at the end because if he asks me nicely & says please then I will say "okay" so that is what he wants me to say. He has also gotten very into play doh. Every morning, he has "hand please playdoh" or "play doh please okay" it is cute. He really only likes to open the lids of the play doh & then he tries to eat it alot of the time!

Our new water heater is working very, very good. Before I timed my shower from the time I turned on the hot water until it ran out it was 4 mins. Then the plumber came out & messed with it & I was able to take a 12 min shower but that was with having to turn down the cold water every min. or so & soon the cold water would be all the way off & the water would be warm at best. So last night I wanted to take long shower & I had conditioner in my hair & bent down to shave my legs & my hair fell in my eye & a piece of hair got stuck in there! I couldn't see, I sprayed water in there & that stopped the burning. I had to cut my shower short - at 15 mins and I didn't have to touch the cold water at all and no sign of hot water running out!!! Anyway I took my contact out & called for Brent to hold it for me with saline in his hand since I don't usually soak my contacts I had no idea where a case was. I could see the hair but I couldn't get it out. Finally after about 15 mins I was able to move the hair to the crease of my eye & pull it out. When I pulled it out I could feel it pulling from behind my eyeball - ewwww, it was gross feeling! The hair was at least 3 inches long!!!! My eye was so swollen & irritated I ended up just throwing that pair of contact away and put in a new pair this morning. That was quite an adventure though!
Oh & I am still trying to get a good picture of Korben's big butt with his cloth diapers. You just can't tell how big it looks in the pictures but it is pretty funny in real life.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Well today is my Mom's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

Last night we all went out to celebrate at Saltgrass Steakhouse. It was yummy, unfortunately I am still sick & my body has been rejecting all food for the past 5 days. I did take some medicine before we went to eat & I was feeling better by the time we ate but I should not have eaten at all. My tummy started hurting like it never has before.

This morning when Korben woke me up I felt like I was dying & so I called Brent & asked him to take some sick time to watch Korben for me so I could rest. Brent came home & I went to sleep. When I woke up Korben was taking his nap - well sort of - Brent had put him down but he had not gone to sleep. He started crying & so Brent went to check on him & told me to go in there. Korben had taken off all his clothes & his diaper. I ran to get the camera & took a picture of him & then a video & that is when I realized he had pooped! So Brent & I had a mess to clean up, it had gotten on the crib tent which is a pain in the butt to take apart. We found some of his poopy inside his pillow case & it was all over his fingers so he was playing in it - GROSS!

Anyway that was our excitement for the day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well Korben has been so cute & funny this week that I just had to write another quick update.

The silly little boy every night at bedtime he tries to go into our room to sleep. When we say "are you ready for night-night?" he will point to our room. The other night Brent let him go in our room & he climbed in bed & covered himself up with my blankets. Then he wanted Brent in bed with him & then called to me. When I walked in the room he patted the pillow beside him & said "Mama bed."

He also has been taking off his pjs every morning, stripped down to nothing but a diaper. That drives me crazy, he has only done it once during the day & he was only able to get his shirt off. This morning when I went in there his feet were still stuck in the pjs & that is what he was upset about. I took his feet out & he said thank you.

Last week Brent & I had dentist appointments & there was another little boy in the waiting room about 3 or 4 yrs old. Brent was chasing Korben around while I filled out paperwork. Korben gets so excited when he is around kids that he always starts talking his gibberish language. The little boy said to Korben "I can't understand you, are you talking Mexico?" I about died laughing! So now every time Korben uses his gibberish we ask him if he is speaking Mexico.
Today when Korben got put in time out (for touching TV buttons - again!) he immediately started saying "sorry" over & over as he knows we make him say that before he can get out of time out. It is really hard not to laugh at him when he is in trouble but being so cute.

We are very lucky to have generous family & friends and Korben received quite a bit of money (a long with tons of toys!) for his birthday so we used some of it to buy some cloth diapers for him. He has extremely sensitive skin like I do & keeps getting terrible, terrible diaper rashes - to the point where his poor little private areas bleed & we keep having to get prescription diaper cream with steroids in it. Oddly enough his rashes get worse when we use name brand pull ups, esp. Huggies. I am guessing that is because they use more chemicals to make them more absorbent. Anyway I have been wanting to make the switch for awhile now but they are quite expensive up front. So this was the perfect opportunity to try some out. I only got 5 diapers for now to see how they work out & if they work I will use the rest of his money to buy more. This evening was the first time trying them out since they just came in. The pictures I have on here are of him in the new diaper. They make his butt look bigger & I thought it was really cute. It was impossible to get a good picture though of his extra padded butt. I tried with his pants on & then tried with his pants off since it was almost bath time. The pictures where he is turning his head to the side is because when he sees the camera he says cheese & then cocks his head to the side. I think he picked that up from Zylee as she is the only one I know that does it.

Well that is all I can think of for now. :)

Oh I almost forgot the most exciting thing of all. I was putting Korb down for his nap today & when I was walking out of the room I said "Love you" and he said "Love you" I was SO excited. I tried to get him to say it again but he wouldn't. Although Brent got him to say it to us before bedtime tonight. SO CUTE!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Sorry again for the lack of posts. Brent was sick, then I got sick, then Korb got sick, now I am sick again - different than the first time I was sick. So we have sorta been blah over here.

This will be a short post again as I know Grandpa & Grandma S. are dying to see updated pics.

Korben has learned all his letters & numbers 1- 10. Although he does call "J" and "L" sometimes. He is talking SO much more. He says & does the cutest things. He is getting real big into pretend play. He carries one of his Mickeys around with him & makes Mickey take 'drinks' out of his play cups. When I give Korben a snack he makes me let Mickey taste it first. One day last week Korben was getting a warning from me for pushing buttons on the DVD player & he took Mickey & put Mickey in time out. It took all my might not to laugh at that. Today his stuffed pig spent some time in time out too.

Last Monday he had is 2 year checkup. He got one shot & did very well. He now weighs 31.9 lbs & is 32 inches tall. He went from being in the 24th percentile to the 80th for weight & 45th to 90th for height. He normally stays in the 90th percentile for height but this was a big change for the weight. The dr. said he is getting too much milk. So now he only gets milk twice a day & we have moved him to 2% milk. Other than that he is doing well, very healthy.

Well that is about all for now. I am going to go to sleep since Korben is about to be put to bed.