Sunday, September 20, 2009

He has turned into a Mommy's boy now & only wants to sleep next to Mommy, only wants to sit next to Mommy, wants only Mommy to tuck him in at night. It is like he knows that the baby is going to take up a lot of my time. He has always been a Daddy's boy and it changed all of a sudden.

Korben & his friend Aiden on a Mommy's Day Out Tues.

This is the 3D ultrasound - the nurse used it to see if she could see better to make sure Aniala was indeed a girl. This is supposed to be her face - hard to see though.

She was playing with her toes - it was the most amazing thing to see!

Korben climbed in our bed and went to sleep in there by himself while we stayed up. This was when he was sick & he didn't care if we were there or not he just wanted to be in "Momma's bed."

I tried to take a picture of him while sleeping but Daddy made a loud noise in the kitchen & Korb woke up right as I took the picture.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Korben got his first ice cream from the ice cream man. We had read all about the ice cream man in one of his Mickey books so he was super excited that we ran out to stop the truck. We let him pick out his own ice cream & he picked a sour apple snow cone because it is green - his favorite color. Three weeks later it still looks like this in our freezer, he liked it but barely made a dent in it before getting tired of it!

Looks like he is giving thumbs up here but he was just waving to Daddy.

A few wks ago Korb wasn't feeling well & passed out on Daddy, that is a rare thing these days.

Grandma & Grandpa S. bought us a new doormat. Korben threw a fit when we tried to put it outside because he said Grandma & Grandpa sent it to him. He ended up getting his wish because unfortunately it is too tall so our screen door won't swing over it so it is now in his playroom in front of the back door. He loves to sit on it & stand on it and dance.

I wore my new Donald Duck shirt & Korben insisted that I put his on him too. Oh and he made me sit on the mat to take a picture with him.

Just playing at the park.

Korben & Daddy playing with Play Doh.

I was pushing the play doh through one of the small play doh containers & Korben called them cakes & then started blowing out the pretend candles on them. I think he will know what to do for his next birthday!

After bath time.

Waiting in the 2 hr long line to get into the Disney's A Christmas Carol train.


It snowed in OK in August!!! Korben didn't know what to think of the snow. He kept waving his hands around in it.

Then he got really focused on picking it out of Daddy's hair.

He didn't like it on his face!

Here we are about to finally go in the train.

Some of the things they had on the train.

I loved all the details in the office.

Here is the outside of the train parked at the station. I was so hot, dehydrated, and hungry by the time we got in there I started feeling like the train & all the people were closing in on me. I started panicking and thought I was going to pass out. So I told Brent I had to leave right then and I ran up to the first worker I saw and asked for the quickest way out. After I asked him I looked at him and said "I know you" and it turned out to be one of Alaina & Isaac's friend from Dallas, he used to come over to our house all the time. He asked what we were doing there but I didn't even think to ask why he was there since he grew up in Dallas. Anyway I told him I was sick & pregnant & had to get out right then so he gave me his bottle of water and took me out of there fast and got me seated near the exit. I gave him Alaina's # as he said he had lost contact with them. It was really weird running into him here but I was grateful it was somebody I knew & VERY grateful for the water! I downed the water & sat & cooled off and was feeling much better by the time Korben & Brent came out. Other than that little incident we had a good time.