Thursday, December 4, 2008


Sorry I haven't had time to write lately, we have been so busy with the move. So I thought I would just post some pics. :)

Pics of Korb laying on Brent is when Korb was very sick & running a high fever. Brent & Korb sleeping is when they both were sick.
Korb eating my Grandma's chilli - which he LOVED.
The 3 peas in a pod playing in Korb's pack n play.
The pics of Korb in his high chair with his sippy cup, look at his feet. He went through a phase where he wanted his chewies on his toes, he had his toes gripped on to the chewies like that when I got him out of his bed & I didn't even notice them until I put him in his high chair & one feel off, he threw a fit until I put it back on his toe.
Brent's 30th birthday.
Grandma L. gave Korb an oreo & after the first little bite he shoved the rest of it in his mouth!
Korb takes after Grandpa S. he LOVES to press buttons on the calculator.
Korb in the bath in our new house.
Pics of Korb's new bedroom, play room & our living room. Although we still aren't all the way unpacked.

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