Saturday, April 4, 2009


Korben at the Easter egg hunt.

He just kept grabbing all the candy & ignored the eggs.

These are the pictures that got taken at the baby & toddler expo that we went to. I was so disappointed because I had him dressed SO cute & it was the same day as the Easter egg hunt so he ended up getting chocolate all over his shirt. I put him in another cute outfit & he leaked out of his diaper & this was the only other back up outfit we had with us, he still looks adorable though! Turns out they did the contest different this year & only had a cutest baby contest & no cutest toddler contest & they only picked the top 10 babies to vote on. This first picture reminds me of Brent because his eyes are closed, just like his Daddy!

This one is the one I picked for them to send to me, you got 1 free one. Once I get it I will make copies for everybody.

Love his smile in this one, but I wish he was looking at the camera.

Korben started lining up his toys again.

Korb kept saying sun bright & squinting his eyes so I think his eyes are sensitive like mine. We bought him some Spongebob sunglasses & now he has to wear them everytime we go outside. He looks cute in them!

We took Korb & Zee to an indoor glow in the dark Easter egg hunt. It didn't turn out that well as they had too many kids, not enough eggs (so kids didn't get any!) But Korb & Zee had a great time, in these pictures he kept kissing her. He loves Zee so much, he calls every little girl Zylee & every older guy that he sees he calls them Grandpa.

Glow in the dark Easter hunt - he had no problem going up to this dog but the weekend before this at the other Easter egg hunt he was afraid of the Redhawks mascot & the Cow from Chick-fil-a, which is VERY weird for him since he had never been afraid before.

It rained on Easter day so my mom had an indoor hunt for Korb, Ryan, & Zee. They had fun!

Korben being silly on Easter morning.

This is what the Easter bunny left Korben.

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