Saturday, July 18, 2009

Well the beginning of the week started off pretty uneventful. The only thing that had been going on was Korben was constantly hungry, asking for food every hour and kept saying he was hungry. I tried to distract him first to make sure he was truly hungry & he usually was. He was also waking up hungry in the middle of the night & seemed in pain & kept sleeping in bed with us. This was his 2nd week doing all this. I told Brent I was pretty sure he was going through a growth spurt since they are only supposed to have them every 6 months at his age and his last one was right around when he turned 2. Well when one of the little boys came over for Mommy's Day Out I could see a difference! That little boy will be 3 in Nov. so he is a few months older than Korb, they were the same size and on this past Tues. Korben was at least a full inch taller than him! We hadn't seen the little boy in 2 wks since we had canceled the week before when Korben had a cold. Talk about growing, no wonder why our little man was hurting so bad! We had to even buy him more clothes - well just shorts really, he has moved up to a 4T but when he wears his big boy underwear he can fit into a 2T - those cloth diapers really make his butt big! Anyway we happen to go into our favorite baby consignment store and they had tons of clothes on clearance for only $1.00 so he is stocked up for a little while now!

Korben is quite comfortable in Mommy & Daddy's bed or as he calls it "Mama's bed"

I don't know why this picture rotated itself - I can't figure out how to fix it, sorry!

So things had been going fine until Thursday morning. He had been enjoying his mail from Grandma & Grandpa S. & from Grandma L. Wed. night Korben had slept in his bed all night long and the next morning when he woke up I went to get him and I was half asleep. I stood him up on his changing table to take off his pants and that is when I noticed he was covered in something. I thought it was poopy at first and I couldn't figure out how it leaked out of a onesie and his pants. Then I realized it was vomit and his bed was covered in it. We had the monitor on all night long and he never made a peep. I feel like the world's worst Mommy for letting him throw up all over himself and sleep in it and I didn't hear it & didn't help him. :( It still makes me so, so, so sad to think about. So naturally I was very concerned, esp that he didn't wake up and I called Brent then I called Korb's doctor's office so a nurse could call me back as I wasn't sure if I needed to bring him in or not. Brent is such a great guy, knowing how nauseous I have been he came home for his lunch break and cleaned up Korben's bed for me. Korben didn't run a fever until later that evening but he did start having diarrhea. The nurse I talked to said it sounded like a stomach flu and not to force food on him (he had barely touched breakfast or lunch that day) and once the diarrhea started I had already started the pedialite which she said to give him (or water) instead of fruit juice or milk which would make it worse. Today is Sunday and his poopy's are just now starting to be normal again. I guess I had a touch of what Korb had the 2 days prior to him getting it but I chalked it up to the pregnancy. This weekend Brent got it but seems to be doing much better now. So we didn't have the greatest of weeks around here.

Korben loving his mail with stickers in it from Grandpa & Grandma S.

He would tell me which sticker he wanted and tell me where to put it.

"Mama shirt please"

With all the stickers on him.

Look Daddy I got a card too!

Other than our horrible sickness around here thinks are going pretty good. Korben is being as cute as ever! He is SO lovey and one day when Brent got home from work Korben walked up to Daddy's speaker and hugged it and said "I love (he says wuv) you speaker" then he hugged the DVD rack and said "I love you movies" then hugged the tv
"I love you tv" then back to the other speaker. It was really cute. He has been counting objects now instead of just counting, like if you ask him how many books he has, if it is two or three he doesn't even have to count he will just look at it and say 2 books or 3 cars or whatever. He really is very smart, I don't mean to keep bragging about him but he really knows more than every other 2 yr old I have ever known. He is doing very well with his colors too but a lot of times if you ask him what color something is he won't even look at it and will just say "pink" I had a friend tell me that means we are having a girl! Haha! He also has been loving watching this video on YouTube with Daddy that is Elmo singing the ABC's and now he is trying to sing them. He sings A through G and then he finishes off with singing Twinkle Little Star, he figured out that they are the exact same melody. I don't know if I have mentioned before or not that Twinkle Little Star is his favorite song (Mommy has sang it to him almost every night since he was born) and he knows all the words to it and likes to sing it all the time. Yesterday Korben cracked me up because he took one of his stuffed Mickey's and laid Mickey down on his table and said "shhhheeww stinky poopy diaper" he pretended to change Mickey's diaper then he carried the pretend diaper to his rubbermaid toy box (which he had previously emptied) and said "trash can" he threw the diaper away and then went back to Mickey and put a new pretend diaper on him and told Mickey "new diaper - all clean" he proceeded to do this to 2 other Mickey's that he has, it was REALLY cute! Speaking of diapers, no new progress made on the potty training. He started not wanting to get his diaper changed because Mommy had put him in some disposables and he got a horrible, horrible rash again. :( I just don't know what we are going to do when we go to Disney World. I don't know how we are going to carry dirty cloth diapers around until we can wash them but if we put him in disposables his bottom bleeds and it is SO heartbreaking.

Korben got a new "big boy" laptop that has a mouse with it. We didn't intend to buy it for him now, we were going to wait and use it as a car toy for when we drive to Disney World in Oct. We showed it to him in the store and he refused to let go of it. Normally we will show him a toy in the store and he will play for it a bit and then be fine with giving it back to us but not this one he wanted this one very badly. We were bad & gave in but he loves, loves, loves it. He lined up his chairs and other laptops and said that was his desk, one chair & computer were for Daddy & the other for Mommy. His favorite activity on there (it has 30 different activities you can do) is the song playing one. He LOVES music and plays his pianos for me every day.

Korben has been just so helpful lately. I had my camera on top of the entertainment center after taking the laptop pictures and later that same day we were getting ready to go grocery shopping. Korben just had a poopy diaper that Daddy was cleaning up and I was grabbing the grocery list. Korben was left alone in the living room for just a few mins. When Daddy went out there Korben had my camera in hand, managed to turn it on and took the following pictures of himself! I am still laughing about it - he is so smart!

When we got home from grocery shopping that same night Daddy went to turn on the tv for Korben while we unloaded & put up the groceries but the remote was no where to be found. I had it last and left it on the arm of the couch (before Korben had gotten left alone in the living room) so I started looking for it but couldn't find where Korben put it. The next day Daddy finally found it, Korben had stuck it on top of the entertainment center (where we normally keep it) but it was behind a picture frame so we didn't see it. I guess he then got distracted by the camera. Korben getting the camera was the 2nd time he had gotten something down from there and we couldn't figure out how he got it. We quickly figured out he climbs up Brent's sub woofer and then can reach up there. Sneaky - I mean helpful little boy! I have a little box that my Grandparents made me up on top the entertainment center and it is in the shape of a seashell & inside it I have some shells from some of my trips to the beach and Daddy found those shells all spread out today on the top of the entertainment center. I have one big shell in there but it was missing and I asked Korben where it was and he said "oh, movies" and then pointed to where he had stuck the shell on top of a row of movies. He is really getting very chatty too & he has a great memory! He still thinks Grandma & Grandpa S. live at the "E"! :)

I was doing Korben's laundry and was switching out the changing table pad when Brent brought Korben in to change his diaper. Korben decided to hide from Daddy. We thought he looked so funny we had to grab the camera.

Korben's hair is already growing back - the top has one little area where it is starting to curl up now - you can see where it is in this picture.

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