Sunday, August 9, 2009


Sorry I haven't updated this in awhile. I have been sick (yes still), pulled a muscle in my back, and then today my Grandpa died so I just haven't felt like updating. So I thought I would go ahead & publish the pictures I uploaded on here the first week of Aug since it might be awhile before I actually update this.

Korben eating corn at Daddy's company picnic. Brent's co-worker took these pictures.

Daddy wearing Korben's hat, carrying Korben's bag, and holding Korben's snow cone - what a good Daddy he is!

Grandpa L. and Korben walking around at the picnic.

They dressed him all up to get a picture.

He didn't like the hat & gloves on just like last year.

He did NOT like being attached to the pole at all & started crying.

He loved the bouncy thing though!

He squeezed himself in between these two boys & started babbling to them.

The cake I had for my friend's baby shower.

My first time making a diaper cake - the flowers kinda got squished though when the guys transported it.

Marc & his Daddy opening the gift I got him.

Me & my friend Brenda - she is having a c-section this Monday Aug 24th.

Korben found some bows that I had here & I put one in his hair. This is him hiding from the camera.

Our little man is wearing 4T jammies! He is SO tall! Thank you Grandma & Grandpa S. for the jammies.

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