Monday, February 9, 2009


Sorry again for the lack of posts. Brent was sick, then I got sick, then Korb got sick, now I am sick again - different than the first time I was sick. So we have sorta been blah over here.

This will be a short post again as I know Grandpa & Grandma S. are dying to see updated pics.

Korben has learned all his letters & numbers 1- 10. Although he does call "J" and "L" sometimes. He is talking SO much more. He says & does the cutest things. He is getting real big into pretend play. He carries one of his Mickeys around with him & makes Mickey take 'drinks' out of his play cups. When I give Korben a snack he makes me let Mickey taste it first. One day last week Korben was getting a warning from me for pushing buttons on the DVD player & he took Mickey & put Mickey in time out. It took all my might not to laugh at that. Today his stuffed pig spent some time in time out too.

Last Monday he had is 2 year checkup. He got one shot & did very well. He now weighs 31.9 lbs & is 32 inches tall. He went from being in the 24th percentile to the 80th for weight & 45th to 90th for height. He normally stays in the 90th percentile for height but this was a big change for the weight. The dr. said he is getting too much milk. So now he only gets milk twice a day & we have moved him to 2% milk. Other than that he is doing well, very healthy.

Well that is about all for now. I am going to go to sleep since Korben is about to be put to bed.

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