Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well Korben has been so cute & funny this week that I just had to write another quick update.

The silly little boy every night at bedtime he tries to go into our room to sleep. When we say "are you ready for night-night?" he will point to our room. The other night Brent let him go in our room & he climbed in bed & covered himself up with my blankets. Then he wanted Brent in bed with him & then called to me. When I walked in the room he patted the pillow beside him & said "Mama bed."

He also has been taking off his pjs every morning, stripped down to nothing but a diaper. That drives me crazy, he has only done it once during the day & he was only able to get his shirt off. This morning when I went in there his feet were still stuck in the pjs & that is what he was upset about. I took his feet out & he said thank you.

Last week Brent & I had dentist appointments & there was another little boy in the waiting room about 3 or 4 yrs old. Brent was chasing Korben around while I filled out paperwork. Korben gets so excited when he is around kids that he always starts talking his gibberish language. The little boy said to Korben "I can't understand you, are you talking Mexico?" I about died laughing! So now every time Korben uses his gibberish we ask him if he is speaking Mexico.
Today when Korben got put in time out (for touching TV buttons - again!) he immediately started saying "sorry" over & over as he knows we make him say that before he can get out of time out. It is really hard not to laugh at him when he is in trouble but being so cute.

We are very lucky to have generous family & friends and Korben received quite a bit of money (a long with tons of toys!) for his birthday so we used some of it to buy some cloth diapers for him. He has extremely sensitive skin like I do & keeps getting terrible, terrible diaper rashes - to the point where his poor little private areas bleed & we keep having to get prescription diaper cream with steroids in it. Oddly enough his rashes get worse when we use name brand pull ups, esp. Huggies. I am guessing that is because they use more chemicals to make them more absorbent. Anyway I have been wanting to make the switch for awhile now but they are quite expensive up front. So this was the perfect opportunity to try some out. I only got 5 diapers for now to see how they work out & if they work I will use the rest of his money to buy more. This evening was the first time trying them out since they just came in. The pictures I have on here are of him in the new diaper. They make his butt look bigger & I thought it was really cute. It was impossible to get a good picture though of his extra padded butt. I tried with his pants on & then tried with his pants off since it was almost bath time. The pictures where he is turning his head to the side is because when he sees the camera he says cheese & then cocks his head to the side. I think he picked that up from Zylee as she is the only one I know that does it.

Well that is all I can think of for now. :)

Oh I almost forgot the most exciting thing of all. I was putting Korb down for his nap today & when I was walking out of the room I said "Love you" and he said "Love you" I was SO excited. I tried to get him to say it again but he wouldn't. Although Brent got him to say it to us before bedtime tonight. SO CUTE!


tinker said...

What an adorable little guy you have there.
So nice to have met you through OWOH!

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