Saturday, March 7, 2009


Korben has been talking more & more. He repeats everything he hears. It is amazing that just a few months ago I was worried about his speech. He still loves numbers & letters. He knows all his capital letters and almost all lower case letters now. He is also starting to connect the words together & realize that they make up words. He can read the words Wal-Mart, yes, and no. We are working on cat & dog. He says bye to everything now, when we turn off the TV - he says bye-bye Tv, if we are leaving Wal-Mart he says bye-bye Wal-Mart, he does it with everything. He is constantly amazing us with the things he knows & picks up from us or the TV.

Mickey Mouse has become his best friend. Although he has many Mickey's he is attached to the one we got him in Disney World & he has to sleep with that one & then he takes it to the living room to play during the day. He no longer has to have his Teddy, I will clean him up & put him away for Korben when he grows up. He also has a giant Mickey, you can see in the pics he reads to that Mickey & he sat Mickey in one of his chairs in front of the TV so Mickey could watch it. He is getting so cute! His favorite Mickey he shares his food & drinks with him & will even sit that Mickey on his potty & claps for Mickey like he went potty. He likes to sit his Mickey's & Minnie's in chairs while he is eatting. Every night after Korb goes to bed Brent has his Mickey's doing something, like his big Mickey was laying on the couch with a pillow & blanket or sitting at the table. One day he had Mickey sleeping in Korb's house & so Korb laid down in there with Mickey & told me night-night. With his little Mickey he likes to hold him by the ear & likes to pretend Mickey is walking beside him, it is really cute seeing Korb & Mickey walking down the hall together. Oh & we have (still) been working with Korben saying "mickey" instead of "dada" he still says dada most of the time but he is starting to say "icky" when we correct him.

Speaking of the potty, Korben still doesn't care if he is wet or dirty. I thought the cloth diapers would change that but nope, not at all. The cloth diapers are working out wonderfully though & I wish we had bought them earlier. He has had a couple of rashes with them but they were minor rashes & after 1 day of diaper cream they healed right up. He is starting to understand the concept of going potty more & is starting to willingly come to his room to change his diaper. He would still rather play though so he doesn't do that all the time. We have his potty set up in the bathroom next to the real potty, he likes to sit on it for a little bit (fully clothed) and play. At least he is getting used to it. One day he told me "potty" so I ran him to the bathroom & pulled down his pants but he didn't want on his potty he wanted on the big one. Well he felt like he was going to fall in & kinda freaked out until I got him off of the potty & when I did he promptly peed all over his clothes. That was the only time he told me he had to go. Oh well, we will get there, I don't want to force him if he isn't ready. But I am trying to make him more aware of it.

We solved the clothing issue. All those annoying overalls that we wouldn't dress him in before have now become his standard wardrobe. He has started taking off his clothes during the day too, though not too often. Some of his overalls (the cloth stretchy ones) he can get off so we cross the straps on them & then he can't take them off. He also can't undo any one piece outfit that has snaps in the crotch area. So those rompers that we love to dress him in he can't get off, good thing it is getting warm here so he can start to wear those. Although he only fits into a few of them & I have yet to find any 3T sized ones. I might have to look on the internet & see if I can find some for this summer.

Korben's new favorite show is Wow, Wow, Wubbzy. I have added a picture of him so you could see what he looks like. We bought him a Wubbzy book & Korb kept trying to take it to bed with him. We ended up buying him a stuffed one too but he is not really a stuffed animal, he is a bath toy so he is not very soft but Korben loves him & Wubbzy has to go in & out of bed just like his Mickey. We tried to find him a stuffed one but we couldn't find one. Wubbzy comes on the Noggin channel, we like that TV channel because there are no commercials & it is educational TV.

Well since I don't have access to a car any more I can't take Korben to the library any more for storytime. I didn't like that he wasn't getting any interaction with other kids. He sees his cousins but it is only about 1 a month now, if that. So I started up a Mother's Day Out program, last Tues. was the first time. So every Tues. for 5 hrs I watch 3 kids (all boys) for a small fee. All the kids are younger than Korben. I tried to find some his age or older but after a month of looking could only find younger kids to join. But that is ok because it is still allowing him to interact with other kids & hopefully will learn to share. We have two 8 month old babies, Aiden (he is the baby of a friend of mine, we used to work together at Wal-Mart, she is a single mom, works & goes to school full time) and Brandon (his mom runs a daycare herself but he has real bad separation anxiety so she wanted him to learn to be away from her for awhile) and Stone is 14 months old & so he is the closest in age to Korb & he wants Stone to go everywhere with him, but Stone has just learned to walk so is still wobbley. Korb loves to play with them all. Aiden & Stone are very, very laid back little boys. Brandon just scared & doesn't like anybody to touch him but his mom but he did really good with us & warmed up & had fun playing with Aiden. Korben is learning to be gentle around them & loves to hug & kiss them all. He gets mad though when they touch his toys & he takes them away & hides the toys from them. So we are working on that. I think it will be really good for Korb. The pictures are of Aiden, I watched only him this past Friday as my friend had to run to school to take a test. Korben looks like a giant next to Aiden, Korb is tall for his age & Aiden is small for his. Korb calls him Aid. I am glad I still have all Korb's baby stuff because we are using some of it again. :)

We got a Chick-fil-a here in Moore & we went to eat there yesterday. They have a little play area indoors for kids, it is one of those things that you take off your shoes & climb all in. Well we told Korb if he ate his food he could play (he has been becoming a picky eater.) He ate so we took him in there & he started to climb up the thing & I was nervous as I thought he would fall or get stuck or knocked over in there by the bigger kids. But he climbed all over that thing & laughed & laughed. He had so much fun. He wouldn't go down the big tunnel slide but after standing at the bottom of it & watching kids come down & laughing at them he finally tried it out & came down feet first but on his belly. Then he just kept climbing up and going down the slide over & over. He had so much fun but near the ground there were some toy things on the wall. Spinner toys & steering wheels & such and Korb decided those were his. He pushed a couple of little boys that were about his age & we had to keep telling him no. Then he pushed over a kid that was about 6 or 7! It knocked the poor little boy down! Korb is strong, at that point we told him we had to leave since he couldn't be nice. Of course he threw a giant fit & screamed & kicked all the way to the car.

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