Sunday, March 22, 2009


Well I finally learned how to move pictures around on here. Everytime I would post before the pictures would end up all crazy & leave big gaps in between my words. I found out that I need to post pictures first & then the text & then you can move the pictures around the way you want them & write underneath them, yay!

The first pictures are from Grandad's 90th birthday party. We had a good time visiting with everybody & of course Korben had so much fun playing with his cousin Cade & the doggies.

Here is Grandad opening all his cards & presents.

Korben & Cade, they play so well together. Too bad we don't live closer to them, they would be great buddies.

Most of you heard about the excitement we had here with Brent's toe. We had just eaten dinner & were about to go grocery shopping. I was at my desk finishing up my list & gathering my coupons & Brent decided he needed to tighten up the kitchen table. It was my mom's old table & the one I grew up with. It has always been a little wobbly but has gotten worse living here because Korben makes such a mess that we are constantly sliding the table around to sweep & mop under the table. Korben was sitting in his highchair watching Brent. Brent came walking down the hall very calmly & said he was bleeding & he dropped the table on his toe. I didn't want to look at it at first as I hate seeing wounds, not because it makes me sick but because I can imagine how bad it hurts. I told Brent to put his foot in the tub & clean off the blood, then I remembered that he gets sick at the sight of blood. I was heading to get a towel but instead headed back to the bathroom where sure enough Brent was as white as a ghost and sorta slumped over like he was going to pass out. So I got in front of him so he didn't fall onto the shower knobs and tried to get him talking about Korben so he could take his mind off of the blood. He seemed to be getting back some color so I had him get up & lay down on the bed. I ran & got a towel & went to check out his toe. On the skin on the outside it was just barely gashed but under the toenail I could see a good size gash under it. I gave him ibuprofen as I figured it was only a matter of time before it started throbbing. I cleaned his toe up & put a bandaid on it. He insisted his toe was fine so we went ahead & went shopping - I should have known better! While we were at Wal-Mart his gash under his nail started bleeding & so I ran & bought big bandages & by the time we got home his whole foot was swollen & a couple hours later the swelling still hadn't gone down. Korben was already in bed so Larry came over & played computer games while I drove Brent to the ER. I was worried that it might be broken but luckly it wasn't & it is getting better now. It is still bleeding occasionally, like last night when he banged it again on the coffee table & it is really bruised but he hasn't had to take any pain pills since two days after it happened. Korben points to it & says "boo boo" or "owie" & has learned to be gentle around Brent's toe.

This past Wed. we took Korben to his first dentist appointment. I was worried that Brent & I would have to hold Korb down since it is so hard to brush his teeth. He likes to brush himself & he only chews on the toothbrush so I bought him a Spongebob electric toothbrush & he likes that but I still have to fight with him to move it around his mouth - he only likes to put it where his molars are coming in at. His dentist office is so cute! It is a pediatric dentist so their only patients are children. The whole office is a space theme, Alaina would love it! You can see pictures of it by going to their site, click here.
Korb had so much fun running all over the waiting room & he love that they have video games set up but the wires are hidden in thick tubes so he was allowed to push the buttons which he is not allowed to do at home. When they called his name he happen to be standing right next to the lady so Korben just grabbed her hand & started walking away with her, he didn't even wait for us! It was really cute, although I worry he is too trusting of strangers! Korben just got a little scared when they laid him down in the chair, he wanted up. They have TV's playing cartoons on the ceiling but he wasn't interested in that. They basically just checked the spacing of all his teeth & gave him a really good brushing (no fussing from him at all!) and another brushing of a floride treatment. The dentist said he doesn't have any cavities so that is good. When it was over he got to pick out a toy out of the robot bin. He picked out the biggest toy that was in there which was a star shaped plasic slinky. When we said ok lets go bye -bye he put the toy back in the bin, he didn't think he got to keep it. He goes back in 6 months.

Other than that nothing really else new has been going on. Korben of course is just getting cuter & cuter, smarter & smarter and talking so much more. He always says bye-bye to everything, when we put on his socks he says bye-bye foot, when we put on his shoes he'll say bye-bye sock. He says it to everything, it is cute.

Well I started this post over a week ago but didn't finish typing it up so I will just go ahead & post this one & start a new one. :)

Korben & Aiden playing together, on St. Patrick's Day. Aiden is my friend's son that comes to the Mother's Day Out program that I started.

These next pictures are of Korben in the outfit that Isaac's mom got him from China. She gave it to us when he was born & it is just now fitting, still a little big though but really cute. Brent called him a slippery seal in it because it is all silk & he would just slid out of our arms. Korben was hamming it up while wearing it. He stood in the living room & danced for us. He loved playing with the hat & kept taking it off & on.

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