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Well I think most everybody knows our good news by now...that we are expecting again - yay! It only took us a year & 2 months this time when Korben took 4 1/2 years. A couple of months ago my doctor had told me that since the diabetes medicine wasn't working for us this time there was nothing else she could do for us. She told us that our only option was IVF & she set us up an appointment with a fertility specialist. In the meantime we found out that our insurance didn't cover any fertility treatments and IVF starts out at $10,000 so we canceled our appointment. So we were very excited to get pregnant on our own again. Before we had Korben we had 3 doctors tell me that I wouldn't be able to have kids because of my PCOS, but they were wrong it just took some time. :) I told Brent that I think some of it had to do with the Mommy's day out that I run on Tuesday's - since I was watching babies & getting my baby fix I think it allowed me to relax a little and not stress out about having another one so much. Anyway needless to say we are EXCITED! I actually knew I was pregnant about a week before I got the pregnancy test, I was just feeling different and kept telling Brent that I was but I kept testing & kept getting a negative test. So finally on May 12th I got the positive while Brent was at work and I couldn't wait until he got home so I called him & couldn't reach him so then I emailed him at work and told me to call me as soon as he could. He called back within 10 mins and he thought I was joking and told me that wasn't a very funny joke. Then he realized I was crying & believed me. Before he had called I had taken a 2nd test, and I took the 3rd test after he came home and made him read the directions to make sure I was reading it right. Then of course I went to the doctor who verified it. I ended up going to just my regular doctor because my OB/GYN couldn't get me in until June 3rd. So I am anxious for that appointment. My due date is Jan. 16, 2010, which just so happens to be Grandma & Grandpa S.'s anniversary & Aunt Cathy's birthday. Of course chances of the baby being due on that date are slim. :) I am 7 weeks along as of today & this pregnancy is already so different than the last one. Of course by the time I got a positive result with Korben I was already 3 months along but I was never sick with him, just tired. This time I am more than exhausted - I can barely keep my eyes open even after just waking up. The nausea is really driving me crazy - I still haven't gotten sick just very, very, very nauseous & I get dizzy when I stand up or when I turn my head. This past Wed. I kept falling asleep on the couch & I was feeling esp. nauseous so then I went to take a nap while Korben napped & Brent called me on his lunch break & I guess could tell I wasn't doing so well & next thing I know I was waking up to Brent changing his clothes. I ended up taking a 5 hr long nap, got up & ate dinner, fell back asleep on the couch for a couple hours, got up for a few hours and then went back to bed. I have been drinking lots of ginger ale & that helps so much with the nausea.

The tests I took - 2 lines means pregnant. I ordered these tests from a company based out of Redmond, WA - where Grandma & Grandpa S. live. :)

Korben wearing Daddy's Mickey top hat from our honeymoon.

Every time I tried to get Korb to look at me he would pull the hat over his eyes.

Korben is starting to get to that age when he says funny stuff. Half the time we don't even know where he picks up the stuff that he says. Whenever we ride in a car now he will throw a fit if we don't go the way he thinks we need to be going. We have learned to tell him ahead of time which way we will be going, at first we were just pointing & saying we are going to go this way but then I thought we would start teaching him left & right. I figured since he has a pretty darn good memory & knows all his letters, numbers and can count to 12 (some times he still skips 4 for some reason) but he can also count backwards. So he is now starting to learn right & left. I told Brent he is so smart that he can just skip kindergarten! :) He is also learning his colors. He always gets green & white right but he still gets mixed up on the other ones. Some thing that I found out that helps him is by showing him things that are always the same color - green grass, white clouds, blue sky that is how he learned green & white. He will tell you the sky is blue but when you point to something else that is blue he may or may not tell you blue, usually if he doesn't say blue he says pink. He does know the difference between the Neighborhood Market Wal-Mart & the Supercenter Wal-Mart they are the "green Wal-Mart" & the "blue Wal-Mart." A couple of weeks ago we were driving home & we always pass one of the city water towers, he pointed to it and I told him it was a water tower and now every single day he says "water tower" over & over, he says "big white water tower outside" he also makes us draw water towers over & over for him, he is really obsessed with them. When we are driving around he can spot them from anywhere!

I always make sure I get a picture of Korben & I on Mother's Day each year, these are from Mother's Day 2009.

Korben hasn't done too much more in the way of potty training. I don't want to force it on him and he is getting more & more interested in the potty. I would really like him out of diapers by the time we go to Disney in Oct. but I don't know if that will happen or not. About a month or so ago Brent had taken off Korb's clothes for bath time & I was just sitting down on the potty, Korben ran into the bathroom & sat on his potty. We kept telling him to listen to momma go potty and right after I went he went on his potty!!! The only thing was he was pointing up so none of it actually went IN the potty, instead it went all over the floor but we were so excited that he got the idea of it. That was the only time he went on his potty though. He does tell us now when he has poopy.....sort of....he says "no poopy" and that always means he just went. Sometimes he will say "big, yucky poopy" he still doesn't care if he is wet and he still runs from us when we try to change his diapers. But now I will say something like Korben do you want to get the mail with Daddy today? and he will say "mail, Daddy, ok" and I will say well if you don't have a clean diaper you can't go and Daddy will have to go without you and then he will say "diaper, okay" and go willingly to his room. So it is slow going but when I think back to 6 months ago, or even just 3 months ago he has made big improvements.

Korben LOVES bubble baths. Unfortunately the soap used to make the bubbles (even if we use baby soap) breaks out his skin every time so he rarely gets to take a bubble bath & it is a real treat for him every time he does. I think I break out the camera every time too.

Ryan's birthday at Chuck E Cheese or as Korben kept calling it "Yucky Cheese." I couldn't get Korb or Kaylan to look at me the same time for a picture.

Korben was very nicely feeding Grandma with his fork (which he is getting SO much better at using) and I guess he decided it was not fast enough so he started giving her huge chunks by hand.

Then Korb kept trying to shove more in Grandma's mouth even though it was full of a big bite already!

Ryan, Zylee, & Korben = cousins!

When we left Chuck E Cheese Ryan was pouting & mad because he didn't get the bike he asked for. This is when he found out his Dad did buy it for him but had hid it in Grandma's car. He was so excited he had to ride home with his bike because he didn't want to be away from it. The little boy with him is his best friend.

We bought Korben some sidewalk chalk and we (mostly Daddy) colored with him outside, the words written are just a few of the words he knows how to read. He can read - Wal-Mart, Exit, Stop, Fox, No, I think there are some more words but I can't think of them right now. We have been working with him on reading his name & Mom & Dad.

It is a little hard to see in this picture but he had blue chalk in one hand, pink in the other & after he put the chalk down he rubbed his hands down his face & ended up with a half blue & half pink face.

We are still having major issues with Korben taking off his clothes. He can now get the rompers off but he can't take off a onesie or overalls yet. Onesies are hard to find in his size but the overalls are not so I need to go to the consignment store & buy him some more since he only has a few pairs. Anyway Mommy got this brilliant idea to keep his jammies on, I couldn't stop laughing & I still laugh every time I see the pictures.

Korben is really such a happy little boy! He may cry louder & be a little more onry than all the kids we have ever seen but he is also happier & laughs harder & louder than any other kid we have seen. :)

We have been teaching Korben that there is a baby in Mommy's belly. Yesterday morning when he woke up I tried to convince him to come back to sleep with me. He wanted to look at some books & then got upset because I wasn't looking at books too. I had my eyes closed & was trying to ignore him - he kept saying "wake up, wake up, wake up momma" when I didn't open my eyes he leaned down to my belly & said "wake up baby, wake up!" It was pretty darn cute! I guess he figured if the baby was up then I would get up. A couple days earlier he came up to me & hugged my belly & said "ahhhh, night, night baby" he is so cute!

Well I guess that is all for now, it is time to put Korben to bed. Sorry for the long time in between updates, I will try to update it more often as I am feeling ok. :)

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