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Well I started this post on June 7th but because we had some issues with our internet service I am just now getting to post this. :) We finally got our internet & TV service fixed after they sent out people 3 times & several calls to them over a week, but it works wonderfully now!

A couple of weekends ago we took Korben to a public pool, it has a couple of water slides & spray things too so it is sorta like a mini water park. He had SO much fun. He got so excited when he saw the water & all the people in the water. The 3 of us walked up to the water & Korb was hunched over & walking & kept giggling, it was really cute. As soon as we got our feet in the water he wanted to sit down so we did & he just laughed & laughed. The water was FREEZING & poor Korben was shivering so Brent went & got Korb's shirt & that seemed to warm him up a bit. When we went a bit deeper - the pool only goes to 4 feet or so - Korb held onto me for dear life but he kept laughing & was having fun. We tried to take him over by the spray things & the water buckets that dumped on your head. Every time the wind would blow it would blow freezing cold water on us so Korben did not like being over in that area. He finally spotted the water slides & wanted to go down one. So we all went, I went first so Korben could watch & I could hear hear him laughing as I went all the way down. My mom had taken Ryan on this slide a few years earlier & had told us just to hold up Korb at the end so he didn't go under. So when I was done sliding it was their turn so I just stood off to the side & waited. Korben looked TERRIFIED & Brent held him up when he hit the water, Brent went under but Korb stayed up & water splashed all around him. I quickly grabbed him since he looked like he was going to cry & as soon as I started walking away from the slide he said "again." He did the same thing after each ride, we ended up going down it 4 times before he finally wanted to go home. He actually kept wanting to go down the other slide - it was littler but the water is over 5 foot over in that area & they have it roped off. There are signs every where over there saying single riders only, no toddlers, etc. My mom had told me to stay away from that one because Ryan went under on that one & then he ended up being afraid of the water for a long time. I guess that happened too much over there & so they changed it where little ones can't go on it now. Before we had even gone to the pool I had decided to put Korb in swim lessons, not really for the lessons but to be around more kids & because he loves water so much. His lessons start this coming Monday so we are excited about that. My parents are letting me borrow their van for a couple of weeks to take him. The classes are every week day for 2 wks & they are at the high school (the one I graduated from) that is right down the street from our house. The nice thing about it is it is an indoor heated pool!

Korben likes to pretend this envelope is his hat, he puts it on every night when he is sitting in Brent's lap drinking his milk & of course Daddy always has to wear it too.

On June 3rd we had our first prenatal appointment. I got a new OB/GYN even though I liked my other one she only delivers babies at a couple of hospitals that are a little far from our house. It made more sense to us to get a new dr. that delivers at the brand new Medical Center that is practically right down the street from us - it is behind the super Wal-Mart for a visual for those of you who don't live here. :) Korben was being extremely fussy & getting up into peoples faces in the waiting room so I had Brent take him outside to walk around. Korb has been FINALLY pushing out those last 4 teeth - his 2nd molars - and has been really cranky & has ended up in our bed A LOT over the last few weeks. In the meantime they called my name & I went in, the put me in one room & then another nurse came in & said to move me to the ultrasound room because he was probably going to want to do an ultrasound. I got excited & asked if I could get Brent back there. I called Brent & they came back to the room. We talked with the dr. & he did the exam & all that fun stuff. He asked who delivered Korben & we told him Korb was born in TX & he asked what brought us to OK, so then I said I was from here & Brent said he was from Tulsa. The dr. said he was from Sand Springs & then Brent said oh yeah that's where a lot of my family lives. So Brent told him his grandparents last name & the dr. said I went to school with a Courtney A. (Brent's cousin) & his sister went to school with Jenny. So that was kinda funny. The dr. showed me where the lab was to get my blood drawn & then left & came back with even more prenatal vitamin samples than the nurse had given me. So that was nice of him. He gave me meds. for my nausea, which works wonderfully except you have to dissolve the pill on your tongue & it tastes so gross that it makes me more nauseous but I just quickly drink something & have a snack so I don't taste it. I am supposed to be on my diabetic meal plan - 6 small meals - and he wants me to test my blood sugar first thing in the morning & then 2 hrs after every meal so that is 7 times a day. Ok so everybody can yell at me now because I am lucky if I test once every morning & my diet has been terrible. Not to even mention that I haven't been taking my vitamins & my diabetes meds regularly because I have been so nauseous. So I really need to get better about all that for the health of me & the baby & so the baby doesn't get so big that I will need a c-section. I am still extremely tired, although it is not seeming as bad as it was, maybe since I am getting closer to the 2nd trimester (already! finally!) - 3 more weeks. It seems like I should be much further along but then I have to keep reminding myself when we found out I was pregnant with Korben I was already 3 months along & in my 2nd trimester. Brent is convinced that we are having a girl because this pregnancy has been so different already, but I keep reminding him that all pregnancy's are different just like all kids are different. He is REALLY hoping we have a girl, I REALLY don't care as long as the baby is healthy. Brent is already calling the baby "she & her" I keep telling him if the baby is a boy his feelings are going to be hurt so it is just "baby" until we know. We keep getting asked how far along we have to be in order for them to tell the gender of the baby & it is around 18 to 20 weeks when they usually do the ultrasound - I will be 18 wks on Aug 15th so I imagine I will have an ultrasound sometime around then. Our 2nd dr.'s appointment is on July 1st so we are excited for that as we should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat by then. :)

Last weekend Brent really wanted to take Korben to the zoo because we hadn't been in awhile. I didn't particully want to go because it was hot - although a little cloudy - and since I have been so exhausted & nauseous. I went though because I knew Korben would love it & he did. We didn't spend a whole lot of time looking at animals though, we went to the aquarium and then when we came to the playground area Korben went crazy & wanted to go play. So he went & played on the playground, then he rode the train with Daddy & then the merry-go-round with Mommy (big mistake when you are pregnant & nauseous!) Then he went back to the playground to play some more. We went to go see the hippo & Korben got very upset because he wanted to get in the pool with the hippo & go play with him! I kept trying to tell Korb that the hippo would eat him! Of course he really didn't understand that & just kept screaming to "play, hippo" it was quite funny!

Korb almost didn't get to ride the train because you were supposed to reach a certain height. The operator said that if he would sit still or if a parent rode (for free - yay) then he could ride the train & the merry-go-round. He just sat & looked around & kept waving to Mommy.

Korben being sneaky, running down the bridge.

He ran all the way down the bridge & tried to cross the path to get to the train. Almost got there before Daddy ran & caught him.

His plan didn't work so he went back to play!

Watching the sea lions!

The hippo was sharpening his teeth but Korb didn't care, he just wanted to play with the hippo!

When we got home from the zoo I was so hot that I thought it would be fun to get out the sprinkler. Of course by then the clouds really started rolling in but Korb had a blast running around the back yard. See YouTube for the videos we took of the zoo & the playing in the sprinkler.

Sorry I some how got these pictures out of order & I am too tired to move them all - almost 12:30 am here. When the ride was almost over Korb said "done" and wanted off, he kept trying to get out of my arms, when I finally put him down (and held his hand) he kept trying to jump off the moving merry-go-ride because he wanted to go play some more on the playground!

Korb was covered in grass, the other side of his face was really bad but of course he would move so I could get a picture of it.

Korb had skipped his nap since we went to the zoo & by the time we got back it was too late for one. Daddy was making us some homemade pizza & Korb climbed up on the couch with me & we both fell asleep. We were exhausted!

Brent woke us up to come & eat but Korben didn't want to so I tucked him in with Mickey on the couch. Of course as soon as Korb heard us sit down to eat he came running to the table, he is not one to miss a meal - takes after Mommy & Daddy.

We are still having issues keeping Korb's clothes on him as you can see. We try to save his one piece outfits & overalls for nap & bedtime now since we don't have very many of those & he will go through several clothing changes a day. So that means he runs around without a shirt a lot now, I don't mind that as long as the diaper stays on!

Ohhhhhh I almost forgot to mention that Korb has been sitting on the potty a lot more. He has been very interested in the "big" potty & always wants to flush it. So I remembered that the little potty we bought him actually comes apart & the little seat fits onto the regular potty & the bottom of the little potty becomes a step-stool. So I had been working with Korb showing him how to put the step stool up & how the seat goes on the big potty & he LOVES sitting up there. The first time he did he was fully clothed but he went poopy in his diaper while sitting there. Then later in the day he wanted to sit on it again without his diaper on & he went pee!! Yay! I have been giving (bribing) him with M&M's, he gets one M&M if he sits on the potty & tries to go & he gets 2 or 3 if he actually goes. Those are the only times he has actually gone but he is wanting to sit up there more often now. He also will tell us that he has gone poopy but he says "no poopy" so we always know that means that there actually is. I keep trying to tell him he won't have to wear diapers & get "boo-boo's" on his bottom anymore if he goes in the potty. He has started getting diaper rashes again because I have been having to put him in disposable diapers during the day. We have to clean out the poopy with the cloth diapers & since I have been so nausesous & sensitive to smells I can barely get through a diaper change without gagging & cleaning out the cloth diaper was WAY too much for me. I will probably go back to using the cloth soon since I got the meds now & haven't been as nauseous lately and so his little bottom feels better!

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