Monday, June 29, 2009


Well we finished swim lessons & on the last day while Korben was walking around the pool in the deep end I looked away from him for a second & when I looked back at him he was floating by himself. He had just let go & he said "night-night, momma" he thought he was laying down in the water but really he was floating straight up & down & his arms straight out. It about gave me a heart attack & I grabbed him. I didn't take my eyes off him at all after that & it's a good thing because he kept doing it. So it was pretty awesome that he was learning to float. That same day the instructor took one of the little girls to the diving board & dropped her off of it down to a waiting high school student (her helpers) and Korben went crazy. He kept saying "diving board" over & over & started heading that way. By the time we got over there another little boy was going off of it. Another high school student started dropping them off the diving board. Korben got up there & tried to run & jump but luckily the high school kid stopped him & gently dropped him below. He loved it & immediately wanted to do it again! Really strange since he never would stand up on the side & jump in! He got to jump one more time before class was over & then proceeded to through a HUGE fit while I was trying to get him out of the pool, which you have to climb up a ladder to get out. Then he started running toward the diving board after he got out but while I was still getting out. Luckily I caught him before he got to far. I am kinda glad swim lessons are over for they were so exhausting but at the same time I wish we had more pool time for the rest of this summer. I was looking into joining the "Y" but it is kinda pricey so I don't think we will do that.

I have been pretty sick lately. Actually started throwing up & have been getting terrible headaches & a couple of migraines. We went to the dr. on July 1st. I lost 1 lb. Everything is going pretty good except I can't get my sugars down, my fasting sugar is around 130 & it should be between 70-110. So dr. told me to take my diabetes meds twice a day now. I was very disappointed when the dr. told us we would not get an ultrasound until Sept. So he said that he would check if the ultrasound room was available and if so he would go ahead & do one on me right then. They were just finishing up in that room so we just had to wait a little bit & we got to see the baby. Korben was there with us and wasn't quite sure what to think about it. He was more fascinated that the dr. turned off the lights. Baby's heartbeat is strong, 168 beats per min. (The wife's tale is that fast heartbeat - above 160 means boy, slower heart beat means girl - can you tell I am anxious to find out what we are having?) Baby measured right at 11 wks so it was a few days off from what we have been calculating so dr. changed my due date to Jan. 20 but he said he always induces at 39 wks so we won't get that far & it might end up being closer to the 16th. When we go for our ultrasound in Sept (he is sending us to see somebody else for this since they want to monitor the anatomy of the baby very closely since I am diabetic & my sugars are a little high, so we will be having level 2 ultrasounds which will allow us to see more) we will then start going every month to watch the growth of the baby. That so far has been the best thing about having diabetes, is all the ultrasounds I get to have.

Two of Korben's molars have finally broke through but they are still moving up. His top ones are swelling up & should break through soon. It has been REALLY hard, he has been so, so, so fussy. Some of the time he knows it is his teeth that hurt & will tell us & ask for medicine, so we give him orajel & that usually numbs it enough for him to calm down - for awhile. He is also telling us all the time when he goes poopy. He will say "poopy again" or "poopy diaper" so that is awesome that it tells us! I wish he would tell us before hand though but he will get there. He is a little chatter box now & now others can understand him more now, not just mommy. Last night he asked me for a napkin & he used to call it a "na-na" but last night he said "napkin" clear as day. The thing that really cracks us up is that he joins in on mine & Brent's conversations. We will be talking about something & not even realize he is listening to us then he will repeat something one of us says, it's quite funny.

Korben on Father's Day sitting at the table like a big boy.

On the last Monday of swim class we went to swim class then we went with my mom & nephews & niece to the public swimming pool. When Korben woke up from his nap he wanted to go swimming - AGAIN, even though we had swam almost all day long. After he screamed to go swimming for about an hour we finally let him play in the sprinkler. I took a few pictures & then I went to my nephew's hockey game. Brent said he played in the sprinkler for about an hour & then got in the bath & "swam" in the bath for about an hour. Brent let him stay in his swim diaper (until the very end) while in the bath so he felt like he was swimming.

Korben had just threw that pole & was running off.

Daddy & Korben running through the water together.

Little smartypants had figured out how to turn on & off the water by watching us.

Watching to see if he was turning in the right way.

Here is what he turned the water up to...full blast!

Then he was ready to run again.

Daddy likes how Korben always lines up his ducks so he took a picture of it.

Korben throwing a fit.

He always flings himself back.

Starting to calm down.

New baby!!!!

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