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We hope everybody had a great 4th of July - we did. The day before the 4th we did something we have never done before - we let somebody we didn't know watch Korben, it was actually a daycare type place. I had found out near our house is a hourly drop-off childcare place we decided to try it out because I am going to have to start sending Korben there during my doctor appointments. Brent uses up his sick time for our appointments as soon as he gets it and now he is digging into his vacation time. If we want to go to Disney World with both our families this year we have to change something. It is a WHOLE lot cheaper for me to send Korben to this place than to "pay" for Brent to be home. I try to make our appointments on Mondays where my mom could watch Korben but my OB/GYN doesn't do appointments on Mondays as that is the day he does his surgeries. So we thought we would go to a movie (we saw Transformers) and try it out. Brent is going to now just try to make the ultrasound appointments and he will definitely be coming to the next one on Aug. 31st since that is the one we find out what we are having. Anyway back to the daycare (click here if you would like to their website) we weren't sure how Korben would react to being left as he has only been left with Grandparents and a lot of times he screams and cries when we leave. We got there and they have to buzz you in the front door, we filled out the paper work and then they asked him if he wanted to go in and play. They let us go in there with him to look around and Korben just took off and was already on their little indoor playground going down the slide. We looked around real quick as we were getting close to the showtime. I told Korben we were going bye - bye and he ran over to us, I thought for sure this was going to be our problem but nope he waved bye, gave us kisses and ran off to play again! Mommy had a much harder time with it than he did! I felt so guilty leaving him and I started to tear up a little after we left and through the whole movie I just kept checking my phone to make sure they didn't call. Of course we just so happened to see what felt like the longest movie (it was 2 hrs & 40 mins long) ever! By the time we picked him up he had been there a little over 3 hours. We were buzzed in the front door and he was standing next to the lady that buzzed us in and he was saying "again" to her. I never did find out what he was wanting her to do again but he was laughing when he was saying it so I guess she was cracking him up whatever it was. Then Korb spotted me and got so excited. He grabbed my hand and started showing me all the toys and tried to get me to climb up on this little loft area they had. We were heading to my parents house after we left there so we didn't have any problems getting him to leave once we asked him if he wanted to go see Grandma & Grandpa. He seemed to really have fun, the only bad thing was the next day he ended up with a cold. He had a horrible runny nose, coughing and sneezing. I am hoping that since he has now been exposed to the germs there that it won't happen next time but we will see. I always hear that kids that don't go to daycare get more sick their first year of school and when around other kids because they haven't been exposed to as many germs earlier in their life. When Korben was sick is was pretty funny because he kept getting frustrated with his runny nose and kept yelling "NAPKIN" at me wanting me to wipe his runny nose. After he yelled it he would run to where I had the box of tissue on top the entertainment center and wait for me to get there. Poor little guy!

Korben was being sorta pouty while waiting for dinner so Daddy hid around the corner to take this picture.

More poutyness from Korben

Korben loves his bubble baths & will even play in the bath tub after the water is gone. Here he kept laying down in the tub & saying "night-night"

On the 4th of July we just hung out at home being sorta lazy during the day and then around 5 we went to my parents (my mom had to work that day) for a yummy cookout. I think this was the quietest holiday we ever had, it was just the 3 of us and my parents since all my siblings now live out of state. They cooked so much food that we still are eating the leftovers they gave us. Korben ate a cupcake and that was a big mistake as he ended up staying up until 2 am that night. He loved it though but hated being messy. We couldn't decide if we wanted to take Korben to see the fireworks or not but then it poured down rain so that made our decision for us. We ended up renting a movie and watching it at my parents house. We don't normally watch movies while Korben is still up but he did really well since we had gotten some of his cousins toys out for him to play with. As we were driving home (by then it had stopped raining) we saw lots of people shooting off fireworks and we kept pointing them out to Korben, since we had the radio on & we were far away from most of them they weren't loud so it didn't bother him. However people were also shooting them off down our street & behind our house so he was able to hear them then. He didn't freak out or anything but just kept saying "bye-bye fireworks" like he wanted them to go away. Ever since that night when he hears a loud noise he gets scared & runs over to me and says "bye-bye fireworks" so I am not so sure he likes them. I don't know how he is going to react at Disney World.

Korben eating a cupcake on the 4th of July.

Our last 4th of July as a family of 3. :) Korben LOVES flags (he pulled this one out of my parent's yard) and we taught him to say "American flag" he wouldn't let go of the flag so we just took a picture with it, fitting though for the 4th of July. :)

While we were at my parents for the 4th they had told us they were going to Tulsa to see my Grandma and they talked us into going with them. They came and picked us up the next morning in their van and we went to eat at a new (to Brent & I) breakfast place that opened up near us - Jimmy's Egg - they have actually been around for awhile, we have just never gone since there was not one near us. It was good food. Korben had a little mini fit when we sat down because all they had were tables available and they gave us a highchair without us asking for one he didn't like it at all but Grandma quickly distracted him with some creamers. Korben did great on the drive down there, although he didn't nap but Mommy and Daddy did since we all had a rough night the night before. We got to Great Grandma's and he ended up with her American flag too and she let him take it home with him. We went and had lunch at Cheddar's and then we headed home. We had a nice visit, although short. On the drive home Daddy passed out in the very back of the van and Mommy tried to but Korben was being so loud he was driving me nuts and I couldn't sleep. When we were about 15 mins from home Korben fell asleep - of course, it happens every time. He woke up when we were down the street from our house and that was the end of that very short nap.

Korben loves to wear his Disneyland hat that Grandma & Grandpa S. got him. He always wears it sideways though.

I guess the biggest news we have this week is that we actually decided on a boys name and we already had our girls name picked out. So the names we decided on are: Aniala Rain for a girl and Reed Chance for a boy. :) Now we just have to wait until the end of Aug. to see if it will be an Aniala or a Reed, we can't wait!!!

We FINALLY took Korben in for his 2nd haircut today. Daddy really wanted to wait until Disney World but it was really getting out of control plus Korben got called a girl 3 times and I think that made Brent finally give in to cutting it. I think it will be better this way because his hair will have grown out by the time we go to Disney and those cute curls will hopefully be back. He really looks like a completely different kid and I was not prepared for that and keep having to do a double take when I look at him. He looks so handsome though! He did very well although a bit squirmy. I had taken the Disney reward sticker/color book Grandma & Grandpa S. had sent to him but that didn't distract him for too long. The lady that cut his hair had Spongebob Square Pants cartoons on her phone so she turned it on for him and let him hold her phone. He was more thrilled at holding the phone than the cartoons since Daddy never lets Korb hold his phone. He got a sucker (only the 2nd sucker he has ever had) afterwards and we let him have it since he did so well.

Korben's crazy hair before we got it cut.

Heading out the door to get his hair cut. If you look closely on the door (right by his face) you can see where Korb colored on the door. We couldn't figure out how he kept doing that on the door and the walls because we only let him use crayons when he is sitting down with one of us and come to find out the paint off his blocks does that. So we are going to have to paint that room before we move out because it won't wash off!

I kept cracking up because Korben kept making this face.

Look at that short hair!

Our little handsome man eating a sucker after his hair cut!

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