Thursday, September 11, 2008


Ok so I am behind on posting on here. Last week I was exhausted from our trip and was still trying to adjust back to the time change, so I took a nap every time Korben did. This week Korben has decided to give up naps. It is making me nuts, it is my only quiet time of the day. He does stay in his crib during that time but he is in there "talking" and playing loudly or he is crying for me to get him out so it is not exactly quiet time for me. I really hope he is not one of those kids who stops taking naps before age 3.

Lets see here, a few days after we got back from Seattle Korben learned how to open the fridge. Good thing I could hear when he opened it. Only one time did he grab something out of it and of course it was a glass bottle of soy sauce so I was chasing him around trying to get that away from him. Luckily we still had some drawer straps left over from childproofing and on the package they said they could be used for refrigerators too, I put them on there and they work great. They work so good that it now takes us adults both hands to open the fridge! Kinda a pain but better than Korben getting into trouble in there.

Every since we got back from Seattle Korb has been trying to open all the doors in the house. Grandma & Grandpa S. had those door knobs that you just push down so Korb was able to open all their doors. So once we got home he kept testing and testing all the doors up and down the hallway and he did manage to get the coat closet opened. I told him no and he seemed content with the fact that he opened it and has not tried to open doors since except for the front door which he always tries because he wants to play outside all day everyday. He knows I lock the top lock on that one so he doesn't even try to use the door knob, instead he tries to unlock the door and he almost has it too. When he grows another inch he will be able to get out of the front door as my mom's bottom lock is one that when it is locked can still be opened from the inside. So I am going to have to go and buy some doorknob covers pretty soon for that.

Korben got a new tooth since we have been home so that makes tooth # 13. I think another will pop up this week since he has been chewing on his fingers like crazy. I just looked up how many baby teeth need to come through and it is 20 - only 7 more to go!!!!! I hope they keep coming quick so we can get this over with!

This past Saturday we went to Septemberfest at the Governor's mansion and the Oklahoma History Center. They offer free admission to both plus have all kinds of free things to do. Most of it is for older kids but me and Korben got to pet a skunk and Korben went on his first horse ride. Video of that will be up on YouTube in the next few days.

We also found out for sure that we will be going to Disney World in December!!!!!! YAY!!! A big giant thank you to Grandma & Grandpa S. for all that! We will be going from Dec. 14 - 20th. I think Korben is really going to have fun this time, although he had fun last time this year will be different. I am already excited about next year too, we are going in October with my family and Halloween is my favorite time of year and so I liked going to Disney World better in Oct. than in Dec. and with Korben it is going to be super fun. I am going to have all three of us dress up in costumes for the Halloween party. This year I am going to take Korben to have his first hair cut in the Magic Kingdom, even though I really don't want to cut it. I don't know why I don't want to have it cut, it is getting shaggy on the sides but it makes me sad for some reason.

Sunday we spent the day painting my mom's ceilings, well mom and I spent the day doing it and Brent painted for a couple hours during Korben's nap and then took care of him. Brent took him on a walk around the block and walked him to the park across the street to keep him out of our way. Mom paid us to paint for her so we will be putting that money away for the 2 and half days of vacation time Brent lacks for the Disney trip.

Monday was mine & Brent's 7th wedding anniversary. It is hard to believe that we have been married that long. Korben and I went running errands with my mom all day long, we got home around 3 and I put Korben right down for a nap. He was so tired in Wal-Mart (our last stop) he kept laying his head on me or mom, poor tired boy. He did take a nap that day but he didn't fall asleep until around 4:15. He was sleeping when Brent and I left to go out to dinner for our anniversary. We got home about 8:00 and my mom was putting him into the bath, she said he slept until 7:30! Mom bathed him and when he got out he was so excited to see Daddy as he hadn't seen him all day long. Korben ended up staying up until 10 pm that night.

Tues. and Wed. no naps for Korb. Last night he did fall asleep on Brent while drinking his before bedtime milk but slept for less than 15 mins and then he stayed up until 12:30 AM!! He was so funny too because I was sitting in bed watching a show and Brent was on the computer so Korben could see me but not Brent. He kept giving me his little pouty face because he knows I feel sorry for him and will eventually get him out and it worked....again. So I let him down and let him go run out to say goodnight (again) to Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle TJ, and Zylee so he said goodnight and Brent and I tucked him back in. Well then I saw Korben unzipping his pj's so I told him not to do that and to put his jammies back on. He zipped them back up and then he closed his eyes - he does this little squinty eye close and he thinks you can't see him when he does that - and then started to unzip his pj's again. He looked so funny in his tented crib with his squinty eyes trying to take off his pj's that I just started laughing. Daddy went and fixed his jammies where he couldn't get the zipper down. He was wearing one of his new pair that Grandma & Grandpa S. got him.

Which reminds me I got another new diaper bag! Grandma & Grandpa S. got it for us along with all kinds of other stuff for Korb and shirts and nightshirts for Brent & I. We thank you so much!!! This diaper bag is really cool though because it has Mickey Mouse and our last name embroidered on it!!!!! Not only that but it is the exact brand of diaper bag that I just bought only it is longer and shorter - like my old one was - so I actually like it better than the one I bought and it hooks on to the stroller too! I haven't switched all my stuff over to it yet but I plan on doing that this evening. I will have to take a picture of it because it is really cool.

Korben did end up falling asleep while I was typing this! Yay! However he didn't fall asleep until 4:20 right before I was going to take him out of his bed. So now it is a little after 5 and he is passed out. I think I might wake him up soon to try to get him back on track with his bed and nap times. I don't know how they got so out of whack as he did great our first week back from Seattle.

Pictures are of Korben with my sunglasses, after the bath and at Septemberfest.

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