Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well we are back from Seattle, we had a wonderful trip. We are so thankful to Brent's parents for all they do for us and for showing us a good time in Seattle. The time difference really threw me off but Korben seemed to keep his regular OK time schedule, except he was going to bed later and he had very short naps, if any at all.

I am so glad Brent was off the two days after we got back so Korben had some time to adjust to being home. Sunday Korben didn't nap at all even though we put him down at 1 and kept him in there until 4:30 like he does everyday. Monday he did end up taking a nap but it was later and he didn't end up waking up until after 5. Right now it is 3:15 and I still here him talking to his animals in his bed, although I did just peek at him and he is laying down.

Korben hasn't been sleeping well at night since we've been home. He has been waking up a couple of times each night in pain. Those teeth are getting bigger and bigger everyday, they are almost all the way through. He has 4 that are pushing through at the same time. I was worried while we were in Seattle that he had an ear infection because he kept pulling on his ear but he hasn't done that since we've been home and his bottom molars look like they are almost all the way through so I guess it was just that.

Last night he wanted some milk at midnight when he woke up. I was in bed so Brent handed Korb to me and went to get him some milk. Korben is such a Daddy's boy! Korben started screaming when Brent left the room and didn't breath for almost the entire time because he was crying / screaming so hard. It scared me to death, his lips and around his lips were turning blue. I laid him on the bed since he made himself stiff like he does when he is mad and I rubbed his tummy and just kept saying BREATH! Right as he took his breath Brent walked in the room, thank goodness! Korben stopped crying as soon as he got in Daddy's arms.

When we were in Seattle the zipper on my diaper bag broke so I needed a new one. We checked a few places while we were there without any luck. I thought I would just run down to Wal-Mart when we got home and get one there but they didn't have any I was crazy about. I am on my 5th diaper bag already (although one of them I still use but only for travel) so I know exactly what I need and want out of a diaper bag. We then checked at Target and I did find one there but it was $40 & that is just silly for a diaper bag. So we headed to Babies R Us yesterday and I found two that I couldn't decide between. I think I spent 30 mins just looking at those two bags trying to decide which had better features. In the end it boiled down to the way each one felt on my arm. So I ended up liking the cheaper one of the two (only $25) and while we were gone to Seattle I had gotten some coupons for Babies R Us in the mail and it had a 15% off any diaper bag coupon in there so that was nice! I couldn't believe I couldn't find one at Wal-Mart though, I thought I could even just rebuy the one that broke because my mom had gotten it for me from there & I loved that bag but they don't have it anymore. I do think I like my new bag more though, it is black and not as long but it is taller and has more room for sippy cups on the outside and it has extra straps to hook the bag onto the stroller which is pretty cool.
The really exciting thing is while we were at Babies R Us we found some different kitchen drawer locks and Brent put them on already and they work!!!! YAY!!!!!! Now I won't have to worry about Korben getting into all those drawers all the time.
When we were in Seattle Korben was able to open Grandma & Grandpa S.'s doors and he has gone around to all the doors in our house trying to open them all. He keeps testing them all but can't open them yet, thank goodness!

I am babysitting my nephews and niece this week and Korben has been loving today. When I got up this morning to get Korben his milk Zylee was up. So she came and laid down with me & Korben while Korb drank his milk. When everybody woke up Korben was chasing Ryan & Zylee around the house. He often goes the opposite way around the kitchen so he catches them which is funny because it scares them. I guess they don't think Korb is smart enough to go the other way and it catches them by surprise every time.
Well I guess that is all for today. Pictures are from our trip to Seattle, I only took 517 photos there. :)

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