Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I really don't know where the time goes. It has already been 6 days since I last posted on here but it felt like yesterday.

Korb & I have been staying busy helping my mom run errands. She is getting ready to remodel her bathrooms so we have been shopping for that and for the Blazers Booster Club stuff. My mom is on the board of directors on the Booster Club and she is in charge of buying the stuff that they sell at the booth during the games.

Korb has been on and off with his naps, although today he got in his crib only played with his pillows and blankets for about 10 mins and pass out.

This past Saturday we went to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. I have been wanting to go there for a long time and until Oct. they have the Roman Art visiting from the Louvre. So Brent wanted to see that. I meant to bring my camera but I forgot it again. I told Brent one of these days we need to buy me a smaller digital camera to keep in the diaper bag. I love my camera but it doesn't fit well in the bag and I am constantly forgetting it.

Last night we went to the State Fair. Korben loved it! He loved all the people and all the lights. Of course he loved the giant clock tower they had there too and kept saying "clock." We stayed with my parents, Kaylan, Ryan, and Zylee for a bit but they were planning on riding lots of rides and staying for awhile. Brent and I just wanted to eat and hang out for a bit and then get Korben home and to bed somewhat close to bedtime. My mom gave me some ride coupons to take Korben on the merry go round and he loved it. He started laughing when it first started going up and down. That is the only ride he went on but the highlight of his evening was when we gave him some cotton candy. We very rarely give him sugar so this was a treat for him. At first I was just trying to stick it in his mouth so he wouldn't get sticky but he wouldn't open his mouth. Brent had told him "no hands" so we had to pry his mouth open to stick some cotton candy in there. After he had that first bite he wanted more but since Brent told him "no hands" he was opening his mouth and trying to get more with his mouth. I was trying to just hand it to him but he wouldn't take it because daddy had said no. Finally I put it in his hands and he started shoving the whole thing in his mouth. The three of us shared the whole bag. Before Korb ate that he was laying down in his stroller just enjoying looking around (this was right before we were about to leave so it was close to bedtime) and after he ate that he was sitting up and pointing to everything and turning his had back and forth real fast to see everything. It was pretty funny. By the time we got home his sugar rush was gone and he was ready for bath and bed. He had a great time and I am glad we went - Brent didn't want to go, he doesn't like the fair that much but I always like to go. The last time we went to the fair it was the Dallas fair which is terribly crowded - we waited 2 hrs in a traffic jam just to park and we were tired and cranky by the time we got in there so we just ate and left. Brent seemed to enjoy it here much better, I think he had forgotten that our fair is not like the Dallas fair.

One day last week I got 2 giant packages in the mail from my friend Dan (the one whose mother just passed away) and I was very surprised. They were filled with toys for Korben. Apparently somebody he knows works for Fisher Price / Mattel and they were all kinds of free toys that she got. We have only opened a few of them so far and he has been having a good time with them. Lots and lots of cars! Thank you Dan for those!!!

That is all that has been going on here. Pics are of Korben wearing one of his new pairs of jammies from Grandma & Grandpa S., lining up some of his cars, at the fair on the merry go round & eating cotton candy and a special picture we took for Grandpa S. at the fair. :)

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