Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Korben cracks me up! Today he was eating breakfast and there was a fly buzzing around him and kept landing on his head. He kept telling the fly "no" and waving his hands to get it off of him. Every time he saw the fly he would look at it and say "no." It was funny because he was getting so mad at the fly and was waving his hands wildly around to keep the fly off his head. Then he started covering up his food with his hands, I think he was afraid the fly was going to steal his food!

Then Korben was sitting on my lap drinking his milk before his nap and he saw a baby on tv and he said "baby" or rather he said "dayde" which means baby. Then he started pointing at my mom's Barbie dolls and saying "baby" and I said "are you mamma's baby?" He said "no" then I said "oh are you a big boy?" and he shook his head yes. He is funny. Sometimes I really think he understands everything we say to him.

Korben sure keeps us on our toes all the time. Yesterday he pulled down mom's butcher block thing of knives and came running around the corner with scissors that were in there with the knives. Luckily he didn't get hurt at all. My mom was off work and I called for her help to pick them up because Korben kept trying to grab at the knives. So we had to move that. Then we have been having issues with him keeping his jammies on. The other night we tucked him in bed and then went in the other room and we heard him crying. Brent came to check on him and he had his jammies unzipped, his diaper off and was just standing there flashing Brent. Normally he pulls his legs out of his jammies too. So I put away all the jammies that don't have the little flap covering the zipper, he won't be wearing those anymore! I can't put him in 2 piece jammies for the same reason, he takes off the bottoms and then his diaper. That is how the poop incident happened and I am not going through that again!

We had to buy Korben a new pair of shoes. I couldn't find any Stride Rite sandals in his size - well used that is. So we found some used Gap sandals that are completely adjustable, they seem to be working so far. He is now in a 7.5 XW, I do have a size 8 XW Stride Rite sandals and tennis shoes that I bought him because he had always jumped from whole sizes so I skipped over the 7.5 figuring he wouldn't need them and of course I was wrong. There were tons of them on eBay a month ago but I guess since we are heading into Fall the sandals aren't hot sellers anymore. I won't put him in sandals during the winter but we all know how Brent is. He won't even put tennis shoes on Korben even when I tell him to. I may have to hide the sandals once it gets cold or tell him Korben out grew them. :)

Korben is starting to talk more. He can't make a "b" sound at all so if that doesn't improve by the time he is 2 (only 4 more months - can you believe that???? My baby is growing up.) he may have to go to speech therapy. We'll see what the doc. says though. I have been excited because he has actually been saying "mama" lately. He had stopped saying it completely shortly after his 1st birthday and had been calling me "da" or "dada" (he also calls Grandpa and Mickey Mouse "dada") He still doesn't say it alot but I am happy that he is making another sound besides "d" which is what he says most of the time.

List of words Korben says now - so I can keep track for his next doctor's appointment, she always asks how many words are in his vocabulary.

  1. thank you

  2. hair

  3. eye

  4. nose

  5. teeth

  6. ear

  7. no

  8. door

  9. dog

  10. clock

  11. baby

  12. car

  13. hi

  14. bye

  15. sock (he did say 'shoe' but he hasn't said that in so long I am not counting it)

Hmmm that is all I can think of right now. If you know of any that he says and I forgot to list them let me know. At 18 months he was supposed to have between 15-20 words (besides dada and mama) in his vocabulary.

I just set up Korben's appointment to have a flu shot. Brent and I will be getting ours at his work this year. They give them out free to employees and spouses, which is awesome! I have to have one every year because of my diabetes and if you are around children under the age of 5 regularly you are supposed to get one. Brent refused to get one last year because he didn't want to pay the $30 for it and he wasn't an actually employee yet he couldn't get one for free. I told him last night he has no excuses this year, he is getting one. Esp. since he kept getting sick last winter. He hardly ever gets sick but living here we are around more people. My parents get sick alot and we are always around my nephews and niece and they get sick alot being in school.

Well that is about all that has been going on here. I haven't really taken any new pics lately. The only ones I have are of Korben sleeping with his new little Thomas the Train pillow that Grandma & Grandpa S. bought him. He loves it and sleeps on it all the time now. I am behind on putting up videos on YouTube, I will try to get them up this coming weekend.

Today is Kaylan's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY KB!) so we are going to celebrate his birthday at Hey Day and at Andy Alligator. They are right next to each other so we are going to eat and play mini golf at Hey Day then walk over to Andy Alligator where he wants to ride the go carts and hit some balls at the batting cages - which I really want to do too, I haven't played baseball in probably like 20 years (geeeeesh that makes me feel REALLY old!) so I am not sure if I can even still hit a ball. I don't know yet if I want to try to make a fool of myself yet or not! Anyway if I remember to bring the camera I should have some new pics.

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