Friday, August 22, 2008


Well we leave for Seattle tomorrow & I haven't even begun to pack yet. I did write out my list yesterday now I just have to gather everything. I keep thinking of things we need to take though. I asked Brent if he could think of anything and he said clothes and toothbrush, gee what alot of help he is! I am actually ready to start packing now but since Korben is taking his nap I can't. Any slight noise will wake him up. That is the downside to sharing a room with him. We plan on moving into a rent house this coming spring & I am so ready for that! Brent & I won't have to tiptoe around when Korben is sleeping.

Korben has been sleeping very well the last two nights. He has gone to sleep at 9 and not a peep out of him until 9 - 9:30 the next morning! Extremely helpful for all of us since we are all still sick. Today is the first day I haven't had a fever!!! Korben's went away a couple days ago but he still has diarrhea but getting less & less everyday, same thing for Brent.

Korben has been really fussy this morning with the slightest things setting him off. He ripped two pages out of his favorite book - One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish - and he cried for about 30 mins over that. He finally started playing with something else and then about 15 mins later he went back to his book and once he got to the torn pages he started crying again. I had to rip out the rest of the page so he can't see where it was ripped out. But I have a feeling he is still going to notice because one of those is one of his favorite pages. I guess I will have to buy him a new one.

Anyway I knew all the fussing wasn't all about the book. So I checked his teeth and he is getting another tooth in and I found out there is indeed a 12th tooth already in there and one of his bottom molars is all the way through! What an explosion of teeth in the last couple of weeks!

Today I was working on his words with him (like I do everyday) and we look at books together and I say the words over and over again and point to things. For the first time today he seemed to really be trying to say other words, he said flag today which he hasn't said in a long time! But the funniest thing was when he was trying to say 'balloon' he says "ba" and then a bunch of gibberish but he says it the same way every time he saw the balloon in the book & pointed to it. Today is also the first day he turned away from looking at the book to watch my mouth move when I was saying the words. So I think that is progress. It is just so frustrating that he is a little behind on his speech since he did every thing else early. But the pediatrician (and I have read in several books) said that kids that learn all the physical stuff early are slow to talk and those who take longer to do all the physical stuff learn to talk earlier. From talking with other moms I too have found this to be true but it is still frustrating that we can't fully communicate with him yet.

Well I guess that is all for today. We will be gone for a week so I won't be updating this during that time. :)

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