Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Yes I know I have fallen behind on this again. I was busy helping my mom get ready for my grandparents visit. I steam cleaned all her carpet and then I stripped all the wallpaper off the bathroom and Brent and I painted the bathroom with primer. Mostly I painted and Brent just did the trim around the door and by the ceiling. Then my grandparents came and we have been spending time with them.

On this past Monday I had to have an endometrial biopsy done to check and see if I have cervical or ovarian cancer - hopefully not - I won't get my results back until Oct. 13th. That was no fun at all and I had to go by myself since Brent had a meeting and was not able to get off work. I didn't want to reschedule as I just wanted to get it over with. My mom stayed home with Korben. Anyway it hurt - alot - so when I got home I put Korben down for his nap and tried to rest and take a nap myself but instead Korben decided he was going to scream the entire time. I finally gave him some Tylenol since he was chewing really bad on his fingers and his crib rails and then 2 hrs later he fell asleep. By then it was so late I decided not to nap as I would be up all night. Brent has been working overtime and so we are trying to go to bed earlier since he works an hour before and an hour after. They are allowing OT for about a month possibly two. Brent wants to take advantage of it while he can, esp. with the Disney trip and X-Mas coming up.

Poor Korben has been trapped in the living room again, like he was when he was real little. He hates it and is constantly sneaking out of the gate. But we can't let him run around since his Grandpa's are working on the bathrooms and have tools and all kinds of stuff everywhere up and down the hallway and in the kitchen.
When I was at my appointment on Monday my Grandma watched Korben for a bit while my mom was doing something and my Grandma was telling me all the stuff he was getting into. I know he is bored in that little area plus I know he was testing my Grandma, he knows he can't get away with that stuff with us. Although every since then he has been testing us like crazy. Anyway apart from sneaking out of the gate, he pulled a bunch of DVD's off the shelves, climbed on the couch and was trying to knock the lamp over, climbed on the love seat and was pulling on the blinds. My Grandma said that he is just like how my Uncle Eddie was when he was a kid - I thought it just came from Brent's side of the family because I had never seen a kid like him and from what I keep hearing Brent was just like this too. Anyway I have heard horror stories about my Uncle Eddie growing up, such as eating the seats of their car, when on vacation he got into their suitcases and started throwing their stuff out the window while driving! Geeeesh I hope this is not what I am in store for! My Grandma told me to be prepared to bolt the furniture to the walls, she said she knows this from experience - I didn't ask cause I am not sure I want to know!

Korb has been saying more words and seems to be talking more often. On my last post I had made a list of words and didn't include 'shoe' as that was one he stopped saying and the very next day he started saying it again. He also has been saying 'mama' more often now, he really has a hard time with the "m's" and "b's" though. Speaking of that he is in his crib right now saying "Ma" over and over again. He now says phone (he pronouces it 'own'), hello, and he has been trying to say grandma and grandpa he sounds funny when he says it and he can't tell what he is saying but every time he sees grandma or grandpa he says it the same way every time and points to them. Oh, he also says banana ('nana') seems like there were more words but I can't think of them right now. He has gotten into the blowing kisses again. When I was going to get a drink the other day he was sitting on Brent's lap and he blew kisses to me as I was walking away, so cute!
Well I ended up finding a pair of Stride Rite sandals in his size on eBay for $2.00. Turns out he couldn't walk very well in the Gap sandals. Since it is still really warm here I went ahead and got them. His tennis shoes are really a pain to put on, esp. for just a quick trip around the block or to the store. Brent kept trying to let him go barefoot so I went ahead and got the sandals. They already came in the mail and Korben can run again with shoes on.

Korben has been doing something that has been driving me crazy. He learned how to take off his diaper through his clothing!!! Even with a one piece outfit on. He plays with the velcro through his clothes until it comes undone and his diaper ends up around his ankles! Drives me nuts!

Korben's Halloween costume came in the mail today, he is going to be a monkey!!!! Because he is a little monkey, always climbing up on everything. Later tonight after Brent gets home I am going to try the outfit on him and take some pics. I can't wait to see him in it, he is going to look adorable! We will probably spend this Halloween like we did last year and walk around the block with Korb's cousins. Only last year he slept the whole time and there were alot of us walking the kids around the block since everybody was in town for Skylar's funeral. We all had just gotten back from the viewing right before going trick or treating. Halloween is my favorite holiday but it has sorta been tainted by that. I am still trying to forget about that part of it and be happy and excited for Korben's sake but it is hard. Really I am still in denial about the whole thing.
I have some new pics but not alot, the last ones I took were of Kaylan's birthday party. We haven't done anything really fun since then. This coming Friday my parents are taking my grandparents to a very nice fancy restaurant and I don't feel comfortable taking Korben to a place like that. So that same night the zoo is having a family fun night for people with a zoo membership (which we have.) So we are thinking of going to that. All the rides at the zoo will be free and they are having meals for $2.50 per person. They have a little kids train and a merry go round, I think they have some other rides but those are the only ones I can think of right now that Korb will be able to ride. I *think* he might be okay on the train, I am not sure though, I don't think adults can go on it and I am not sure if he will sit there by himself, we'll see though.
Oh yes, and about the pictures, my family has a tradition with mini golf, we take a picture of everybody who gets a hole in one by the whole they made it in. As you can see Brent got 2 hole and ones and the only other person to get a hole in one was Zylee!!! It was an easy hole where all you had to do is hit your ball into the water and if you were lucky it went across a bridge straight into the hole. It worked for her but not the rest of us!
Anyway I will post the monkey pics after I take them. I still haven't uploaded all the videos to YouTube. I will get around to that one of these days. We will have more free time next week as my parents and grandparents are going to Vegas for the week.

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