Wednesday, October 1, 2008

10/01/08 - again

As promised from my earlier post today, here are the pictures of Korben in his Halloween costume! He looks SO cute!!!!! We let him look in the mirror and he looked confused & just sorta smiled.

I also included a picture of some Disney chunky book pages I made for a swap that I thought you all might like to see. A chunky book is when you (usually done in a swap with others) make pages of a certain them with embellishments and fibers and when you bind them all together you have a big fat (or chunky) book. I am in a swap that over the next several months will have me creating Disney themed pages, the first theme was Fab 5 but I did an extra page and included Daisy. You can't tell in the pictures but all my images on each page are raised so that they will help make the book fat. On the Minnie page, she is layered 3 times but it doesn't show in the pics. Anyway I am off to start on my Princess themed pages while Brent is giving Korb a bath.

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