Sunday, October 12, 2008


Well we bought a stroller yesterday. I think I am happy with it. We spent an hour and a half looking and testing strollers. I did find the "perfect" stroller but not at a perfect price - it was $339!!! More money than I want to spend or even have for that matter. It was really nice though and had everything I wanted. I got the next best thing for more than half off the other one. It is the same brand as our big stroller and is almost as big with alot of the same features but the big difference is that it is 10 lbs lighter! That will make a huge difference getting on and off of the buses. Another big difference is that it lays all the way down so Korben will be able to comfortably take a nap. Our other one laid back but he was still reclining and that is hard for him since he is a stomach sleeper. Now he will be able to lay all the way down on his belly. So hopefully that will help with naps too at Disney World. Another feature it has that I love is the basket below locks into place, ours keeps falling down if we have too much stuff in there - and we always do. We also bought a new rain guard since ours ripped while we were in Seattle. We also bought a sunshade that hooks on to the stroller sunshade, it is see through so we can pull it all the way down and Korben can see out. I think that will be helpful since he is allergic to sunscreen like me, it's hard to keep the sun off him. Anyway the shopping trip itself was very stressful since my blood sugar was low and it was nap time for Korben. He kept screaming and then Brent would walk off leaving me with the diaper bag, Korbens shoes (he had taken them off himself and was eating them!) his sippy cup, toys and trying to put up several strollers back up on the high display. So we all three were stressed by the time we left there. From there we met up with my parents to eat Chinese food, they were treating us for setting up their bathroom while they were in Vegas. Korben fell asleep on our way over there and everybody was happy again once we sat down to eat. When Korben fell asleep in the car he had his play phone up to his ear still. It was so cute! I didn't have a camera and before Brent handed me his phone and I figured out how to take a picture with it he had already dropped the phone.

When Brent and I went grocery shopping Friday night (we'll never do that again after Korben has gone to sleep we didn't get home until 1 am and we were dead tired!) we bought Korben "big boy" diapers, pull ups. We had to switch to them because he kept leaking out his diapers which means he was outgrowing them and he was at the biggest size of diapers. So now he is starting over and is in the smallest size of pull ups. He still has a box of diapers left that we are using during the day but we are putting him in the pull ups at night. I am tired of waking up at 7 am and having to change out his bedding, which was happening almost everyday. I am just glad I was smart enough to buy a whole extra set of bedding including a pillow since half the time he sleeps on top of his pillow so that ends up in the wash too. We won't use the pull ups for potty training though because they are just as absorbent as diapers and alot of times the child can't feel that they are wet. After we run out of the diapers we are going to buy him cool pull ups for during the day, they turn cool when wet so it makes the child uncomfortable so they will tell you that they have wet. Korbens dr. said not to try to potty train him until he can tell us he is wet but esp. when he wakes up dry several times a week - he never does this. He will tell us he is wet or has poopy if we ask but then he runs away as he doesn't like to be changed. We are hoping the cool pull ups will fix that. I can't really blame him though because he gets such bad diaper rashes from his sensitive skin that it hurts him to be wiped. I don't know what to do for that, we even have prescription diaper cream, I change his diaper constantly, we use sensitive skin wipes, and have tried everything his dr. suggested but his poor little bottom constantly stays red. Anyway Korben thinks he is a big boy with his pull ups on. He laughs when we put them on him, they have Toy Story characters on them.

Two more teeth have popped up in Korbens mouth, they are just barely sticking out but they are there. Only 4 more teeth to go! But they are all molars. :(

We have been giving Korben a couple of chocolate covered raisins occasionally, he is so funny when you hand them to him he says "Yyyyyyuuuuummmmmmm" it cracks us up. I guess the only new words he has been saying are "kitty" (Itty) and he said "empty" yesterday. He is babbling a whole lot more.

This morning Korben woke up about 7 am and was wanting milk so Brent put him in our bed. We all went back to sleep (with Korben still in our bed) and I woke up at about 10 am and Brent was beside me but Korben was not. So I jumped up and yelled "Brent where's Korben" Brent jumped out of bed too and Korben was just walking around our room. Neither one of us felt him get out of bed and he was sleeping in between us. He was carrying around the cookies that Brent and I were eating last night. He didn't open them though. I don't think he was up very long though, if he was I am sure he would have torn apart the room. Or at least had the phone or the tv turned on since those are usually the first things he goes for.

We ended up putting our car in the shop today instead of yesterday. They couldn't find anything that should be making that noise but think it might be because of the brake pads that they used. They are going to change them out but they don't have the other type of pads and won't be able to get them until tomorrow. So tomorrow Brent will drive my parents van to work and I will use their car to go to my appointment. Then Korben and I are going to run errands with my mom.

This afternoon we went to the Blazers Welcome Picnic. The booster club (we are all members and my mom is a board member) had a cookout so we went and ate and talked to a couple of the players. The players then got up in front of everybody and talked a little bit about themselves but right as they were starting that Brent and I decided to leave since Korben was starting to get fussy. It was nap time but of course he didn't end up taking a nap. Brent did though.

Well I guess that is all. I don't have any new pictures of Korben. The one that is up there is the new stroller we bought. I hope these posts make sense, I never go back and read them, I always just type them real fast and then spell check but I know that won't catch when I use the wrong words. So hopefully I don't do that too much and if I do hopefully you still understand what I am talking about.

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