Tuesday, October 7, 2008


First I want to mention before I forget I am currently uploading new videos to YouTube. The ones I am doing now are from July & August but I should have all of them up today. I don't think I have been taking very many videos the last few months. Anyway here is the link:

On last Thursday my mom just came back from driving Ryan and Zylee home and she noticed that there was a garage sale down the street that had lots of kids stuff. So we decided to go. I was really looking for old stuff to do art with but I didn't find any of that. Korben loved it, he was running around playing with all the toys. I am trying not to buy him anymore toys or books as he has 4 bins full of toys and 2 rubbermaid tubs full of books plus a whole bookshelf for his "older kid" books. But he did leave there with one small toy and I bought a cheap plastic storage shelf thing for my art supplies. Which reminds me, I am not even sure what we are going to get him for Christmas and his birthday as the last thing he needs is more stuff. I might buy him "older kid" toys and put them up until he can use them. We ended up renting another small storage area for all of Korben's outgrown clothing and toys which we are saving for when we have another baby. His old clothing and toys were taking over our room!

We were about to drive home when we saw another sign for a sale in the back of our neighborhood. So we went there, this was the motherload of children's garage sales. The lady who was having it has 2 sons, one is 3 and one is 4 so she was getting rid of their younger stuff. I found 2 onesies in Korben's size - they are hard to find for his age now. One of them is a long sleeved OU one, it's cute. .25 cents each. :) Then he had to have a Mickey Mouse that he found and wouldn't put down and basically hasn't put it down since. He runs around kissing that Mickey all day long now (after it got a bath of course!) But the big thing we (well mom bought it for him) bought was a little plastic slide for Korben! It is just his size! He climbs up the two steps and slides down it. He was afraid to slide down it at first (we had him test it before we bought it) but Grandma helped him slide down and then he just kept going on it over and over. The pictures are of him playing on it today and a video will be posted on YouTube shortly.

Anyway we were having so much fun we decided to check out a couple of garage sales in the neighborhood next to us. So we stopped by home first to drop off the slide since we couldn't close the trunk area on mom's van. By the next stop Korben was so excited when he saw all the peoples stuff in their driveway he threw his Mickey and his other new toy down and was trying to get out of the van while he was still strapped in the car seat. So he found a whole box full of Disney Cars, they were really cute and I would have gotten the whole set (she probably had 2 maybe 3 sets in there) but when I asked her how much they were she wanted $1.00 a piece for them (and they had stickers peeling off of them and they were McDonalds toys!) I asked her if she would go lower if I took the whole set and she wouldn't budge on her price, outrageous for used McDonalds toys if you ask me. So I didn't want to spend that kind of money on those but he had his two favorite Disney cars (Toe Mater & they little yellow car - I don't know his name) and he didn't want to put them down. So my mom being a Grandma insisted that she buy those 2 for him, she wanted to buy him more but I wouldn't let her.

We went to one other sale but they didn't have any kids stuff and we didn't find anything for us either. Korben made out like a bandit though. I only got the shelf thing and my mom got lots of books and a few other odds and ends. We had lots of fun though and Korben really enjoyed it but then it was back home for nap time which he ended up not taking - again.

Friday night we were going to go to the zoo but ended up not going as it was only until 8 and Brent would rather work the OT, by the time we got there we would just end up eating and then leaving. So we skipped it this year.

But my friend Brenda (Marc's mommy) had told me that Thomas the Train was in town, they had went to see him the previous weekend. So Brent and I made plans to take Korben on Saturday. It was free to see Thomas and to walk the grounds but if you wanted to ride Thomas it was $18 per person - which is highway robbery - and we figured Korben wouldn't know the difference! So Sat. we woke up and started eating breakfast and then found out my mom was babysitting Ryan and Zylee and they were at Wal-Mart with her. In the meantime Larry and my Grandpa were still working on the bathrooms and Larry stepped on the brand new (installed) sink vanity and it cracked in half. So he was mad and then my mom got home and was mad and the light fixture my mom bought wouldn't work so she needed a new one. So Brent and I decided to take the kids off her hands and take them to see Thomas.

The Thomas thing was so much more than I expected. It was funny when we pulled into the parking lot Zylee told me "Ryan LOVES Thomas" and Ryan said "Not anymore, I did when I was a baby" well as soon as we walked in Thomas happened to be parked there and Ryan got so excited saying "Thomas, Thomas!" It was funny he was trying to act all big but he still loves Thomas. I took their picture with Thomas and then we went to go find these places to get a stamp. We were given a map and was told to get a stamp at 4 different places and the kids would get a small gift (they got a Thomas photo frame magnet) if they turned it in as we were leaving. Everything there was free and they had those bouncer things - 2 of them, Thomas tattoos, mini golf, a tent set up with all kinds of trains in there (the one thing Korben could really do and he missed out as he was cranky and having a snack at the time) to play with along with stickers, stamps, and coloring pages of Thomas, clown giving out balloons, and of course an overpriced gift shop. Ryan & Zylee loved it and kept asking if we could come back the next day but that was Thomas' last weekend in town. So we promised if Thomas comes back we would take them again. I am glad they ended up getting to go since most of the stuff was geared towards their age. Korben had fun just getting out and looking at all the people.

We just rested on Sunday. On Monday Korben and I took my parents and grandparents to the airport as they were going to Vegas. Korben screamed and cried for his Grandmas & Grandpas and kept pointing to the door they went into. He finally stopped crying for them after about 10 mins, poor baby. So they are gone until Friday night when Brent will go to pick them up from the airport.

This visit was the first time my grandparents had seen Korben and they keep telling us what a good baby he is. My Grandpa keeps saying he can't get over how Korben just plays quietly by himself all day and my Grandma says she can't get over the fact when he falls he doesn't cry unless he really gets hurt and then he only crys for about a min. I told her we have never made a big deal of him falling (even though that was hard sometimes - esp. when he was younger!) as I had read that they react how you react. So we have always just told him "uh oh, your ok, can you get up?" when he fell and he really does see it as no big deal. Overall they both are very impressed with Korben which is always nice to hear. :) He really is a good boy - well except for right now because he is in his crib screaming because he doesn't want a nap.

Korben is getting 2 more teeth in so after these I think all we have left is 4 molars, 2 on top & 2 on bottom. He has been biting again, ugh! Within 2 days I got bit on the chin and again on my lip (I thought he was giving me a kiss - boy was I wrong) that one hurt SO bad!

Well I think that is all for now. Pics are of going to see Thomas.

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