Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well Korben and I had alot of fun this morning! I took him to the library where they have story time for babies and toddlers. I have known about it for awhile and have been meaning to take him there so he can interact with more kids his age but I didn't think a whole lot of kids would be there and I kept forgetting about it. So after Korben and I ate breakfast off we went. The parking lot was packed when we got there, once we got inside there were upwards of 50 kids there. I was shocked to see so many babies and toddlers. They have 2 story times back to back, one at 10 and the next at 10:30. We went for the later one and about half of those were in the 1st story time and leaving. Some people seemed to stay for both, which I think is what we'll do next week.

Korben was surprisingly shy around all the kids, he seemed a bit overwhelmed. He sat on my lap for a long time. The librarian told a story, we all sang the itsy bitsy spider, she played songs and blew bubbles. Korben warmed up after awhile but instead of sitting or standing with the other kids he had to check out the room. He walked all around the room and then would come back and sit on my lap. The bubbles were last and Korben had a blast chasing them, he was crawling on the floor popping all the bubbles. After story time they have a play area so alot of the kids were out there playing so I let him play for awhile. He was fliriting with the little girls. He would hand his toys only to the girls, not to the boys, it was funny. I wonder if that is because Ryan doesn't share with him very well but Zylee does? Anyway I think we will start going every week, although next week there is no story time they are having baby sign language class but it still sounds like fun.

One thing I did notice is how Korben does seem really behind in his speech compared to all the kids that were there. Most of the kids his age were talking alot and even some younger than him. They all did the hand movements for itsy bitsy spider and paid attention to the librarian but Korben didn't even look at her, he was to busy checking out the kids and the room. He is very active. He did seem to walk and move around better than most of them. There was alot of wobbling and falling on their butts. We just need to work on his speech. I have been reading more books to him but I am not sure if that is helping. Maybe taking him every week to this will help with that, I am really hoping so! Plus he needs to learn to share and how to act around kids his own age too.

Speaking of books, Korben has a new favorite book. His Thomas the Train book is the new favorite ever since we went to see Thomas. He notices Thomas alot more now and points to his little pillow that Grandma & Grandpa S. bought him. It's cute. I have his whole Thomas book memorized now because he wants me to read it about 20 times a day! Silly boy. I still am uploading videos on YouTube, I am trying to catch up. :)

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