Friday, August 1, 2008


Korben is such a little Houdini! Today he was eating his breakfast in his highchair and while I was chopping up his banana he was trying to get out of his chair. I had his chair sitting all the way up and the tray locked in place up against his belly so I didn't think he could get out of it. I found out last Friday that he can get out of the highchair when it is laying back - that was on the day of the poop incident. Anyway after giving him his banana I went to check to make sure Brent's pay got deposited into our bank account today. I was gone for less than 5 mins, as I was walking back to the kitchen I kept hearing this little clang noise. Korben was standing in his highchair grabbing all of mom's miniatures (that are in a shadow box thing on the wall above his chair) and placing them all on his tray of his chair. He is always trying to grab at them when I set him in his chair I guess today he decided he was going to get to them & he did! Little booger! So now I will have to belt him into the highchair each time.

Well I hear Korben waking up from his nap so that is all today. There is a new video on YouTube today.

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