Monday, August 11, 2008


Korben got a new tooth!!! Finally! It is on the bottom, he now has 9 teeth. They sure are taking their time coming in.

Today has been a crazy day. I am still really sick & I have no energy. Korben is getting worse, his breathing is labored like mine & he keeps coughing & sneezing now. He is taking his nap now but I don't think he is sleeping very well as I keep hearing him move around & he is coughing. My poor baby! :(

Anyway before his nap he was running around the house like a mad man. He got into the kitchen drawers - again - and found a pair of Kaylan's scissors from school and was running with them! YIKES!!!! Then he figured out how to climb on the love seat which is higher up then the couch and he was jumping on there. Then he was in the kitchen being quiet so I ran to find out what he was doing and he was sitting in the middle of the kitchen table!!!! He climbed up on a kitchen chair which he hasn't been able to do before. He was trying to get into his animal crackers & was playing with the paper that mom had on the table. After that he got into mom's purse again and had her wallet and was taking out the cards as he ran. This all happened in less than an hours time & I was wore out from chasing him. He just thinks its a big game & runs in circles, so I put his pack n' play to block one way so I could catch him. The pack n' play blocks the DVDs, so when I moved the pack n' play guess what he got into next. Needless to say he spent most of the morning in time out (we put him in the pack n' play) I have to leave the room when he is in there now because I just want to laugh at him. As soon as he starts heading to time out he says NOOOOO & then over & over he says no-no. It is so cute but I can't let him see that so I have to leave the room.

I told Brent about my day when he called me on his lunch and he promised to try to do something with the drawers - tonight. We'll see though, I have been asking him for at least 2 months now. A few weeks back I put one of the childproof locks on, it doesn't lock it but it does make it difficult to open it and for now Korb can't open that one drawer - which is the one with the most dangerous stuff in it. I would do the rest but my wrists are really bad and it took me forever (not to mention it hurt like heck!) to get that one in. I am going to bug Brent every hour after he gets home until he does it. :) I want my baby to be safe! I don't know what I am going to do about the climbing on the table, the only good thing is if I make sure all the chairs are pushed in before I let him play then I can hear when he moves the chairs on the tile floor it is noisy. Today though that one chair was pushed out already so he just climbed up without me hearing. It really does amaze me how fast he gets into things.

Tomorrow we are heading to AR for my friend's moms funeral. We'll see how Korben handles the 6 hr long drive, this will be his longest drive to date. I am going to take my DVD player and his Baby Einstein DVD's. I don't usually let him watch tv - he sometimes will watch what we watch but mostly he likes to play. Brent does put on cartoons when he is home but Korben just watches the intros, dances and then runs off to play. I don't like to use tv as a babysitter, esp. when I am right there, I would rather put on music and let him dance. He has never watched tv in a car before so this trip might be the first time but only if he gets really fussy and nothing else will calm him down. Poor Korben will never have a tv in his room, I will never allow it - meanie mom! :)

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