Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well we made it back from Hot Springs fine. Korben was an angel on the way there and back and a little devil in the hotel! On the drive there he took 2 very short naps and mostly just looked out the window. I think he spotted every flag on the way there and kept saying "Clock" we are starting to think maybe he is saying "Look." Anyway it was sprinkling lightly and Brent had the wipers set to come on every so often and Korben thought it was the funniest thing. He laughed and laughed and by the time he stopped laughing the wiper would come on again and then it would start all over. I tried to get a video of it but my batteries died in my camera. :(

When we were driving up in the curvy roads in the mountain (I was getting sick!) Brent & I both smelled something and I turned to Korben and asked him if he had a poopy. He shook his head yes so I told Brent we needed to find a place to stop. Brent said there is no place, I told him just to pull in somebody's driveway or into a parking lot somewhere. So we found this shack that looks like it used to be a buisness. It had a sign out front that said onions and an old happy birthday sign hanging in the window. The parking lot was gravel. So we got Korben laid out on the front seat and I had the bag ready and was getting the wipes out and Brent took off his diaper and he was clean! The little booger fooled us both.

Korben had fun running around the hotel room and up and down the hallway and climbing the stairs but it was exhausting keeping up with him, esp. since I was still sick. Korben was able to turn on and off the tv, open the mini fridge and figured out how to turn the radio on the alarm clock (which Brent couldn't figure out to turn off.) But the problem came at sleep time. He didn't go to sleep until close to 2 am both nights. I ended up going to the funeral services by myself, I rode with Dan. Brent stayed home to give cranky Korben a nap. After the services I went with Dan and some of his friends to have some appetizers and desserts. I called Brent and he said Korben had screamed the entire time I was gone - almost 2 hrs by that point! Poor Brent! He finally was able to get him to sleep for about an hour and a half.

The next morning we got up and had breakfast with Dan then got on the road. Korben fell asleep about 30 mins into the drive and slept for about 2 hrs. Every time Korben would get bored I had a bag of toys and I would pull out a different book or toy for him. He was getting bored with the toys so then I did turn on the Baby Einstein DVD and he watched about 15 mins of it before getting bored of that and then went back to looking out the window.

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