Wednesday, August 20, 2008


First of all today is Skylar's birthday, he would have been 15 today. :( I miss him more everyday. Happy Birthday Peanut!

Korben and I are both sick...again. Yesterday Korben had diarrhea all day & he leaked his diaper every time so he wore 5 different outfits yesterday. I felt fine until last night, Brent & I both felt nauseous and had upset tummies. I started running a fever last night and I still have it. Brent woke up fine but is very tired & feels worn out. Korben is still running a fever too & has been wheezing. If it continues through tomorrow I might take him to the doctor on Friday. I would hate to be in Seattle and then have to deal with all that. Hopefully all of us will be well when we leave on Saturday! Keep your fingers crossed for that!

Since Korben has been sick this week he has been fairly mellow - or I should say more like a "normal" kid. We did have an incident on Monday. I was sitting in my mom's recliner and Korben came up to me with something black in his mouth and as I was going to take it out to see what he had he laid it in my lap. It was a cricket!!!! I about died, I am terrified of crickets! It was still half alive. I have no idea how he even caught the thing. I jumped out of the chair and was screaming & it scared Korben half to death. He went running in my mom's bathroom and just stood in there looking terrified. Poor baby! I didn't mean to scare him and I am sure he didn't mean to scare me either....well, maybe!

Korben has been giving himself away when he is about to do something bad. He says "NO" and then does what he knows he is not allowed to do. It is pretty funny and I have been able to catch him alot faster now since he tells on himself!

For some reason Korben has taken to calling me "Da or Dada" ***SIGH*** I don't know why he won't call me Momma. Today after dinner Brent said to Korben where is Momma & Korben pointed to me and said "Da - No" because after every time he calls me Da or Dada I say no. Anyway Korben likes to annoy me I guess.

Oh I almost forgot Korben has new teeth! I think I posted before that one came through, well including that one he got 3 new teeth in the last week plus one of his molars is all the way through now! He has 11 teeth now. I actually think there is a 12th one there but he won't let me feel for it and he surely won't let me see it. But finally we are making some progress with the teeth!

He is starting to say more and more words. He now says (as he points these things out) hair, teeth, nose, and eye. He points to each ear too but doesn't say ear yet. I know the pediatrician said that we need to delay responding to him to force him to ask or learn to talk more quickly but she doesn't understand how Korben is. He goes from 1 to 20 in seconds and is very intense. It seems mean to make him go through that when it can be prevented. The only time I ignore him when he is crying is when he does throw a fit. That used to happen so often & after we ignored him everytime he gave it up real fast. He threw a big fit today because Daddy wasn't home on time. He somehow knows what time Daddy gets home and everyday he starts looking out the window on the door at 5:15. Daddy didn't make it home until 6 pm today (he surprised me by buying a birthday cake for Skylar because he knew I wanted to celebrate his birthday) so Korben wanted to go outside and wait for Daddy. I said no because I am sick and I was still in my pjs. He screamed for 30 mins nonstop.

We are getting excited about our upcoming trip. I am a little anxious about the flight. On the way there it is right during his nap time. When he is overstimulated he won't nap and become really cranky. I am hoping that doesn't happen. I did buy some new toys and books that he won't see until the plane ride and then I will leave them in our suitcase and bring them out again on the ride home. Hopefully that will distract him enough. I am worried he is going to want to run up and down the aisle of the plane.

Well I think that is all for today. Brent & I are about to put Korben to bed and get in bed ourselves and watch a movie.

Oh and a note about the pictures, no Korben doesn't take a pacifier. My aunt had bought a pack because her son needed one for a school play or something. They were sitting on my dresser and Korben got ahold of one. He started chewing on it, I thought it looked so weird I just had to take a picture. He ended up not even liking it and handed it to me.

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