Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Sleepy, sleepy! Korben is teething & has been hurting so bad - during the night. Two of his molars have poked through and the pediatrician said two more are coming in as well. When I looked at his teeth this morning and attempting to brush his teeth I saw that two more of his front bottom teeth are coming in. Sunday night he woke up at 4:30 am and cried until 7:30. Motrin isn't helping a whole lot, neither is oragel or his cold teethers. We did try the teething tablets - against my better judgement because they have caffeine in them. I will never use those again, we used them about a month ago & they stopped his pain but made him hyper. We had given them to him right before bed at 9 & he was awake and playing in his crib until 3:30 am! Last night Korben went to sleep fine but them woke up at midnight and didn't stop crying until 2 am. He would only go to sleep last night if either me or Brent was holding him. He tossed & turned & whined in our bed all night so all three of us didn't sleep very good last night.

It has been hot here! On Sunday my mom and I took Korben, Kaylan, Ryan, and Zylee to the library because I entered pictures of Korben & Zylee in a contest and the pictures were on display. It was 106° and the library's A/C was broken, we sat and let the kids play for a little bit (they have puppets, puzzles, blocks, and a train set) but it was just too hot to say for very long. Poor Korben was wet from sweat from just riding over to the library.

The new pics are of all of us waiting outside to go to the library and Korben after his shower last night. Korben likes to take showers now instead of baths, it's really cute. :)

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