Saturday, August 9, 2008


I haven't kept up with this for a few days. Korben hasn't been taking his naps and he has a bit of a cold - which I now have except mine is really bad. We also have had some sad news the last few days; found out my Grandpa (my dad's dad) has terminal cancer in the lung & heart area and doctors said he has at best 6 months to live. :( Also one of my good friends' (Dan) mom has been in the hospital the last few weeks and she passed away last night. :( Brent, Korben, and I will be driving up for the services, they live in AR.

Anyway enough sadness, besides not taking naps and having a little cold Korben is doing pretty good. Still no new teeth, he gums next to his bottom 2 teeth are swelled up so big I can't believe they haven't broke through the gums yet. He has been sleeping better for the most part. In the middle of the night last night he did wake up and apparently I put him in our bed. I don't remember doing it but Brent said I did and I probably did. I wasn't sleeping well last night because of my cold so I probably ran and got him as soon as he started crying so I could get some sleep.

Korben is in to EVERYTHING and he is so sneaky about it too. Last night we were watching Psych and Korben was in the kitchen being quiet so I knew he was in to something. Mom went in there and Korben pulled our her kitchen towels out of a drawer. Then a little while later we heard something fall and Korben came running around the corner with mom's cell phone and while I was chasing Korb, Brent went to see what the crash was and Korb had mom's purse on the ground and was playing with stuff in it. Then he got into the silverware drawer and was running around with a skewer! For some reason the childproof latches won't work on mom's drawers so we are having issues with that. I need to see if they have any other kind. Korb keeps getting the forks and corn holders. The other day he found matches in one of mom's drawers! It worries me! I don't know what to do about it, I don't want to lock him out of the kitchen again because he loves to run, we already lock him out of all the other rooms.

Friday night Kaylan, Ryan, and Zylee came over & Brent and I watched them until my mom got home from grocery shopping. We decided to walk to the school to play on the playground. They all had a blast. Korben loves his cousins and tries his best to keep up with them. Korben walked most of the way there and most of the way back. I am surprised at how good he is at walking long distances. Almost everyday after Brent gets home from work he takes Korben on a walk around the block. Korben walks the whole way - except the other day when he didn't have a nap he wanted to be carried and fell asleep on Brent as soon as they got home. I walked with them one time and we got to a house that had a car blocking the sidewalk and Korben stopped and reached up for Brent's hand so that they could walk in the street to go around the car. Little smarty! He did it again later on that same trip.

Korben doesn't have any new words but he cracks me up. He points to the flag in the kitchen now and instead of saying "AG" he says "clock" then says "no" and laughs. He is silly. When you ask him if he has a poopy diaper he will shake his head yes and then if you ask him if he wants a clean diaper he runs from you, he would rather stay in poopy then have his diaper cleaned because that means he has to sit still!

Well it sounds like Korben's done eating lunch now so I am going to go lay on the couch with some hot tea and Brent and I are going to watch a movie.

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