Saturday, August 2, 2008


Today was the Lineman's expo for Brent's work. So we got up this morning and headed there. It was pretty fun. They gave out all kinds of free stuff, the usual stuff like keychains, magnets, cups, pencils, candy, etc. But they were also handing out some neat stuff, like we got a portable fan that hangs around your neck & I got a thing that is called a Chill It & it is soaked in water & you wrap it around your neck and it keeps you cool, it worked very well! The new video of Korben is me squeezing some of the water from it on to him. They also had drawings every 20 mins for prizes. They also had free food & drinks, they had hamburgers, hotdogs, chill dogs, smoked sausages, all kinds of chips, grilled corn on the cob, ice cream, popsicles and snow cones. They had those bouncy things for kids, pony rides, clowns, a arcade set up where all the games were free (all the older kids were hanging out in there), they had carnival type games where every kid that played got a prize. The main events were the lineman going up and down the power poles doing different things; rescuing a person (a dummy) changing out transformers & crossbars. It was really cool to watch how fast they climb up the poles. I was having so much fun watching them that I forgot to take any videos of that. We will definitely go again next year, Korben will be able to do more stuff. The only thing we let him do is put on some of the safety gear and stand next to a pole with a transformer on it. We only put the gloves and hat on him and he kept taking those off as fast as Brent & the other guy could put them on but you could also belt yourself to the pole and lean back. They took each kids picture and print them off. They took Brent's mail code at work & said they would mail it to him (they have an internal mail system for all OG&E offices. Korben liked watching the lineman too & they had American flags up everywhere and he loved that since that is one of his new words - sorta. Everywhere we went he was pointing at the flags and saying "AG" it was cute. Anyway below are the pictures and videos of the event. :)

How is everybody liking the blog so far? Is anybody reading it? I noticed that before you had to sign up to be able to post a comment, I have changed that you can now post a comment as an anonymous user.

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